There Are No More Heroes When Cosplay is This Amazing

Hey, whaddya know, it's cosplay superstar Omi Gibson, kicking this week's round-up off with some blood-soaked dress-ups based on No More Heroes. Joining her is a cute little Zelda couple, some Black Widow and Tekken.

There's even some Arrietty cosplay. Because, you know. That movie was adorable. Shut up.

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HammadTheBeast2305d ago

I like how this is top news just cause of the image. :)

SeekDev2305d ago

I know, I decided to do a little test. A while back I submitted another cosplay article, but instead of using one of the scantily clad cosplayer women, I used a cosplay of Sid from Final Fantasy X as the image. That submission only did 40 degrees. I think we know which one won.

SilentNegotiator2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

The only (almost) worthwhile article on all of Kotaku. And all they did was steal/link content.

SeekDev2305d ago

The Team Fortress 2 scout cosplay is the best, freakin' awesome, looks just like the "real" thing.

kingPoS2305d ago

Zelda & Link almost look photoshopped! lol

omarzy2304d ago

Further proof that white girls cannot cosplay.