Xbox 360 wins 2007 in Oz

Gameplayer are reporting on a press release issued by Microsoft this morning which shows figures declaring the Xbox 360 the major financial winner in 2007.

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power of Green 4658d ago

Major drop off in the 2nd year? makes sense if two more consoles inter the market. lol

wiizy4658d ago

oz must stand for fantasy land.... cause everyone knows the trashing wii did to the x360

SlappingOysters4658d ago

Australia has been known as one of Microsoft's better territories in the past. It is certainly been buoyed by the massive attach rate in Oz (maybe worldwide?). I have heard the attach rate is as high as '9' for xbox in Oz, and only 1 for the Wii. Not sure if that is true though. Can anyone confirm?

Eretik4658d ago

Attach rate 9 for xbox is pure fantasy. Attach rate for Wii 1 is pure fantasy too. Of course for xbox attach rate is higher, more games, more time, more nerds among clients(buying everything). But...

What about Ghana, Iran and Oceania? We also want to know who is leader of these markets!