The 5 Best Uses of Cel Shading In Video Games: Part Deux

Daniel Hill Writes - Last week, I constructed a list of what I thought to be the five best uses of cel shading in gaming in terms of how effectively they melded with the feel, atmosphere and mood of the game. While I think my original list was strong and I stand by my original choices, it was not without its flaws, and thanks to the always-insightful comments section, I realized that there were some titles that deserved to be there, but weren’t. I’m doing this to appease no one but me…don’t call me Bioware. As an enthusiast, no, a beau of this writer’s inamorata that is cel shading, I am giving these games shine because they do, indeed, do use cel shading beautifully.

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Menashe3929d ago

Still missing Prince of Persia and DQ8, but you can't fit them all into one list.

snipes1013929d ago

In those cases, i think added more to pure aesthitics than the feel of the game, something i think these titles did a littke better. I almost put PoP though.

sknygy3929d ago

So gutted I missed out on XIII and Killer 7, would love them to be re-released at some point.

I gotta say I'd take a HD Wind Waker over any of them tho!

snipes1013929d ago

Both of those games are BC on xbox an ps3 (if you dont have a ps slim)

sknygy3928d ago

Thanks for the heads up!

sriki0073929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

borderlands is one of the best cel shaded game.