Small Indie Developers are Rising, Big Developers are Falling

Charlie writes:

"Just today, I watched a highly praised film called “Indie Game: The Movie”. Now I really enjoyed the film and it got me thinking about the games industry as a whole. When watching the film, I realized that most indie developers are mostly formed of very few people (some are a one-man-army kind of thing). But if there’s something I’ve learned from the film is that in this current generation of gaming, indie developers are beginning to rise and earn all this money, and major developers seem lose touch on their games and begin to lose out on money. Why? Here’s what I think."

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Chuk52401d ago

Ain't that the truth.

deletingthis346753342400d ago

Well you are not going to see much creativity from "AAA blockbuster action" games.

lilmetal2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Wow, I just watched "Indie Game: The Movie", too.
It's inspiring to see such success from these independent developers.
You can really admire and respect their hard work more than the big-wigs'.

M1chl2400d ago

I loved that movie, so inspirational : )

vortis2400d ago

That's because it's hard work and a labor of creative love.

There's no love, no creativity and no originality from the big wigs...they don't care about games, gamers or gaming culture.

That's also why people still love Valve as much as they do. It's owned by gamers and ran by gamers and they operate for gamers. Mad love for Valve.