iPhone goes corporate: AT&T announces business plan

Apples iPhone has finally opened up and established a business plan. The iPhone plan proves that Apple really want to open up to the market on many different levels. The Plan break down is as follows:

2 year commitment, voice service, and data plan required
$45 per month for unlimited data, visual voicemail, and 200 SMSes; $55 ups the SMS limit to 1,500; $65 for unlimited everything
An extra $25 per month nabs a 20MB montly data plan good for 29 countries, $60 per month ups the limit to 50MB
Activate by 31 March and qualified accounts will receive a service credit of $25 per month good through 31 December, 2008 -- yeah, that's a sweet deal.

The iPhone also receives a 3GB model witch proves to help sales.

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CeruleanSky4660d ago

How the hell is this Apple spam/crap getting posted to the front page?

No one gives a damn about Apple on a gaming site.

1ben24660d ago

You are either under "HOME" page or "INDUSTRY" tab to see this APPLE news.

Learn how to use the website


Ureval4660d ago

I knew it! Apple is owned by a witch!!!

Skerj4660d ago

If you're going AT&T then get the HTC Tilt, far superior phone.

v1c1ous4660d ago

not buy an iphone for a while

Aft3rKill4658d ago

To answer to your comment this is a not only a gaming site it is also a tech site. Widen your view and grow up, read, and stop flammeing on the site please read the guides.

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