Eight New Features in Grand Theft Auto IV

Game Daily writes:

Say all you want about GTA IV bringing nothing new to the series. We beg to differ, starting with this list of the game's new features.

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giovonni5613d ago

Great, another feature that would be cool is the enemy can break into your house or set traps for you once they find out who you are.

bozobucketeer5613d ago

Yeah, I hate when I get home and see a steak lying on the floor. Everytime I go to pick it up a rope latches around my foot and I go flying toward the ceiling.

Chug5613d ago

You have that problem too, huh?

narindp5613d ago

it could have been 16 or more new features if they had left this as a ps3 exclusive

poos35613d ago

just like turok ? yeah SURE!!!!

crunchie1015613d ago

now, now, Rockstar need to make some money on this one, and at the moment, 360 is where the momey is. Saying that, the state of the console 'war' would be very, very different were GTA4 a PS3 exclusive, or even a timed exclusive.

But don't worry, I'm sure we'll see some really cool stuff with Rockstar's exclusive PS3 franchise.

Iron Man 25613d ago

poos3(the only POS here is you,again),I never knew Turok was a major hit?wow you Xbox fanboys must have no games to play in 2008 if you guys are exited for Turok which is average at best,LMFAO!:P

Anyways,it is good to hear that GTA IV will have some online,I can't wait to pick up GTA IV for my PS3 in a couple of months!

Shankle5613d ago

Since when does the loss of an old feature qualify as a new feature?
I'm not saying that the character building was a good system, but I don't think the lack of it should be something worthy of praise...

Beren5613d ago

I will miss the character Customization too =:3
But well we have to wait to see what is really new.

MrWonderful5613d ago

@ poos3 you my friend are tard. those shots compare the early demo released on the 360 to the new one just released on bath platforms

vickers5005613d ago

No flamethrower or chainsaw?!?! F*CK! Taking out helicopters, jets, and bicycles was something I could deal with, but no flamethrower? What next, are they going to take cheat codes out of the game?

bloop5613d ago

"The weapon selection has been paired down from the ridiculous -- e.g. no more flamethrower, chainsaw – to the more standard rocket launcher..."

Had to laugh when I read that line. So waltzing around a city with a Rocket Launcher in tow is not seen as "ridiculous" from whoever wrote the article?? Well, I won't be visiting his/her hometown anytime soon then :P

One thing I do hope they get rid of is the running commentary from the lead chatacter. CJ wasn't too bad, but there was times I wish Tommy pointed that f*cking shotgun towards his own head (even as much as I like Ray Liotta). There was just something about "The Guy" in GTA3, that because he didn't talk everything just seemed a little more sinister >:) instead of saying some witty remark that gets old after the 3rd time, everytime you do something.

And as for Helicopters, they're still in there, aren't they?!?!?

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