Disney puts Nintendo DS to use as interactive tour guide

Posted Jan 21st 2008 5:05PM by Donald Melanson

The DS has already proven some of its versatility by ordering food and dishing out replays at Safeco Field, and it looks like Disney's set to expand those non-gaming capabilities even further, with it now testing a system that turns the handheld into an interactive tour guide.

Dubbed the Disney Magic Connection, the app appears to be fairly extensive, including not only maps of the Magic Kingdom, but details on wait times at various attractions, directions to the nearest washrooms and ATMs and, of course, the odd game.

Unfortunately, at least in its current state, you'll only be able to take advantage of those features with one of Disney's pre-set up DSs and not your own -- no word if that'll change once the system moves beyond the testing phase.

Hit up the read link on Engadget for more pics of the app itself and a first-hand report from one lucky tester.

Notes: The image below is a scan of the instruction guide that was supplied with the test units. The guide illustrates the functions and features of the interactive tour guide.

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RecSpec4658d ago

That actually sounds pretty sweet. Especially if sometime down the line you were able to download the maps straight to your ds.

Plus I never heard of the baseball thing so I read up on it, that is pretty crazy too. Who knew that people would take advantage of the DS like that.

akaFullMetal4658d ago

weird? but i guess some could use this?