European / Others Charts for Week Ending 20th January 2008

VG Chartz reports for Week Ending 20th January 2008, European / Others Charts Hardware numbers were as follows:


DS: 200,647
Wii: 119,835
PS3: 61,578
PSP: 57,241
PS2: 52,191
360: 51,733


DS: 59,337
Wii: 41,178
360: 16,635
PS3: 13,278
PSP: 9,383
PS2: 7,178


DS: 45,696
Wii: 34,815
PS3: 11,003
PSP: 8,253
PS2: 4,332
360: 4,161


DS: 17,797
Wii: 12,576
PS2: 6,034
PS3: 6,030
PSP: 5,608
360: 5,192



VGCharts finally updated their site:

DS: 200,647 (+23%) 23,580,020
Wii: 119,835 (+60%) 6,379,604
PS3: 61,578 (-10%) 3,900,077
PSP: 57,241 (-4%) 11,029,828
360: 54,002 (-3%) 5,435,670
PS2: 52,191 (-10%)

Software Total:
DS: 609,840
Wii: 570,059
PS3: 238,450
360: 203,563
PS2: 134,850
PSP: 24,268

1. Wii Sports (Wii) 119,835 6,379,604
2. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 96,291 1,322,339
3. More Brain Training (DS) 83,439 3,111,330
4. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) 68,012 1,563,768
5. Brain Training (DS) 65,928 4,900,545
6. Wii Play (Wii) 55,725 2,715,265
7. New Super Mario Bros (DS) 47,174 3,855,957
8. Assassins Creed (PS3) 46,113 1,137,639
9. Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (DS) 40,318 681,888
10. Nintendogs (DS) 39,444 8,685,024

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Relcom4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Is also the reason the sales numbers stay relatively the same week after week.

hunter214659d ago

couldnt agree with you more bro

nicholascage244659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

since Burnout (ps3/xbox 360) will be landing in europe

Europeans love racing games.

i expect 100k + ps3s next week

i also expect around 65k + xbox 360s next week

dont trust Vg very much though. They have been undereporting ps3 sales in europe

ps3 did beat xbox 360 in australia but only a 1000 units in 2007.
Norweigian sales are posted too. Vg is also wrong on their other region data since Middle easterns,singaporeans dont usually purchase Us products( racial thing there)

Vgchartz German ps3 numbers make no sense as Gfk is now reporting that the ps3 outsold even the wii in december there

DONT fully trust Vgchartz.

They inflate wii numbers and downgrade ps3 and xbox 360 sales

Meus Renaissance4659d ago

True. We probably won't see any significant numbers till some serious software is released or a price cut

Cyrus3654659d ago

It's Jan, the slowest month of the year, people are recovering from all the holiday spending. It's why alot of publisher shoot for Pre Christmas lanuch of their titles, cause they know it'll likely sell better then, than say end of January.

I guess the biggest high profile release is DMC 4 end of jan/early feb, and I guess as well Burnout.

Cyrus3654659d ago

Can someone tell me what the "other" region consists of? Obviously it's parts of europe that's (Not UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain) so like Portugal, Ireland, Greece, etc. Does it include regions like Africa and India?

Just seems 360 does well in those regions (And as well UK and Australia).

actas1234659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

Thats a very good question. However, the answer is no where to be found. VCharts are just a pile of junk. I have been watching their figures for a while now and every time they release estimates they prove to me (and to us all) that they are not only off but they are completely wrong. I don't think they are using the right statistical procedures. I mean when u have the figues: 0 50 and 100, with mean 50 I clearly understand that if u were to estimate the mean and say u came up with 45, 42, 55, 58, even if u are off by 10 SD is still acceptable but man to be off by 25, 30 SD.. thats is just junk. Those people are no statisticians they are a bunch of kids.

nicholascage244659d ago

apparently ps3 also went on to beat xbox 360 in australia.

despite being an xbx/ps3 owner i should also say that Vg are underreporting ps3 numbers and overreporting xbox numbers

killer_trap4659d ago

the PAL region consists of Europe and the middle east. even though middle eastern countries are located in Asia they are considered part of the PAL region and this is the case with most products. this is mostly due to language issues cause English is the second language in the middle east.

official hardware and software releases are the same as Europe. meaning consoles like the PS3 and 360 are released almost the same day as European countries. however as you said above ps3 sales are the majority when it comes to the middle east even before Wii and 360. the Wii isn't popular cause there is no official release for and it costs as much as a ps3.

how do i know all that........i lived in dubai.

nicholascage244659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

since xbox doesnt sell in middle eastern countries being an American product.

the only next gen console which sells in ME is ps3.

Vg are dead wrong with Their OTHER region data


i lived in Dubai for 2 years. After the iraq invasion very few arabian/middle eastern muslims actually purchase the american products in those regions. Telling the truth doesnt make me nasim/shmee. I am a muslim too.

I own both ps3 and xbox 360

my PSN - Dark_knight

my LIVE id - Dark_knight


Snukadaman4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago ) just couldn't stay hidden huh...ahh well.. @bottom what his other account zambrota comes in and defends him...where do i even mention the middle east in my work too hard on all this nasim my man..enjoy your friggan console and just give it up..your writing style can be seen dude..not everyone is as blind as you...

zambrota4659d ago

How shortsighted are you seriously?

"Other" comprises mainly of middle east.

as NICHOLAS has already pointed out do you anyone in middle east who is a Muslim would ever purchase xbox360 over ps3 or wii.
i dont know about wii but there is no way xbox 360 would sell more than ps3 in middle east especially since it is an American entity

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HarryEtTubMan4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

The PS3 has seen a major turn around since the price cut. It needs the games to release! And not being almost 150$ more expensive would also help. O well its still winning.

I think the PS3 is underreported again in the "others" category... they did this a week ago and changed it. Only 7,000? When its been beating the 360 every week there?

Iamback4659d ago

I think numbers are high for January standards

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