CheatCC Review: Burnout Paradise (4.4 out of 5) - Take Me Down

CheatCC writes: "Burnout: Paradise plays like a mix between Burnouts of old, Grand Theft Auto, and Tony Hawk. That's right! The classic arcade racer of the previous console generation has gotten a facelift that is sure to please fans of the series as well as win over newcomers. The decision to open up the gorgeous world of Paradise City keeps the game fun and under the player's control. The steady stream of stunts, races, secrets, and mini-games that come so naturally makes one feel as if their ride could grind into a sack-tap at any moment. The incorporation of elements from familiar and wildly successful franchises into the Burnout series was pulled off flawlessly by developer Criterion. This is not your average racing title. Simply put…this game rocks!"

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solar4660d ago

Guns and Roses is the worst band ever. i need to know the soundtracks to this game because if GnR plays a major role i will never play it.