Can Bioshock Save Xbox 360 in Japan?

1/21/08 - Shiva Stella of Gamebump writes:

"According to Takashi Sensui, Microsoft's Xbox-related go-to guy in Japan at a recent Spike, Xbox 360 New Year's party, more and more (Xbox 360) western titles will be making their way over to the gaming capital of the world, and those being third-party titles at that. The first three games include Battlestations: Midway, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and 2K's ever-popular Bioshock."

"It's an interesting move, with Xbox 360 sales lagging behind... everything else (hard to top those Nintendo DS's). It's possible that offering western-style games to Japanese gamers via the 360 might boost unit sales, but it's equally possible that the audience doesn't give a damn. But if Bioshock, one of 2007's premier titles in the west, can't move 360s over there, then what can?"

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Rikitatsu4660d ago

hahah nice joke, Wishful thinking !!

RecSpec4660d ago

Put Final Fantasy in the title then there MIGHT be a chance.

Jeedai Infidel4660d ago

but isn't COD4 doing better than expected over there? I'm trying to find something to back this up, but alas, I suck at finding.

RecSpec4660d ago

No you're right, it's doing extremely well. But I don't think people would buy the system just for that game.

Shadow Man4660d ago

Can microsoft just make a naruto or hentai game in japan?
They will sell like hot cakes;)

mikeslemonade4660d ago

It's going to sell to people that own the system already and most those people are probably immigrants from America that are living in Japan. Won't sell systems. The only way 360 will sell is if it has way more Eastern exclusives than Wii or PS3 which in the forseeable future they have exactly zero after Lost Odyssey.

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ukilnme4660d ago

I have to give MS credit for trying though. I don't know how much price matters in Japan but maybe they should drop the price on the 360 again.

BardockS30Z4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Why dont they jus give them out for free. =D. id so take one. wouldnt u!?!?!
I Keed

360 needs more games like Viva Pinata and Kameo and Naruto to sell in Japan.

Mr Marbles4660d ago

is going to "save" xbox in Japan, that is like saying LBP is going to save PS3 in the U.S.A. Not going to happen, PS3 will stay third in the US, and 360 will stay 3rd in JPN.

bootsielon4660d ago

Blu-ray will help PS3 the way PS3 helped Blu-ray in the states. Of course, LBP won't save the PS3. Neither will Killzone, nor MGS4, etcetera. It will be its killer line-up.

Then again, PS3 doesn't need to be saved. It's not dead in the USA the way 360 is dead in Japan.

Mr Marbles4660d ago

actually the PS3 is dead in the US, dead last.

mistertwoturbo4660d ago

Funny, the 360 came out one year earlier than the other 2 consoles, and was first place. And it's already got it's assed whooped by the Wii. The PS3 coming out 1 year later than the 360, and it's already almost 6/10th the install base of the 360, and that's with a high price tag and "no games".

MGS4, Killzone 2, LBP, Home, FFXIII, FFvsXIII, Resistance 2, Infamous, Tekken 6, Gran Turismo 5, WarDevil, Heavy Rain, All of NCSOFT's MMO's, The Agency MMO, etc. etc. That's exclusive to PS3. That's the winning combo. It will have a bit of everything for everyone.

MADGameR4660d ago

Then Bioshock is'nt any different. Whos the idiot that put this up? Its obvious that FPS are NO GOOD in Japan!

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