GameSpot's Sad State of Affairs

January 21st, 2008 - 1UP editor Sam Kennedy has put together one of the best compilation and opinion pieces on the GameSpot firings yet. Mr. Kennedy covers everything from the events leading up to the event, the gaming community reaction, and where we are now. If you plan on reading only one article today, make it this one.

Words: Go Nintendo

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beoulve4663d ago

sad attempt to hit GameSpot again since people starting to forgot the incident already.

The message is
Gamespot is corporate bias, come to 1up instead.

Hitman_Legend4663d ago

1UPs just adding fuel to the fire in order to make GameSpot look bad and for no good damn reason at all. Seeing as GameSpot would be their rival site, their just kicking a dog when its already down.

Azures4663d ago

1up is probably worse because they pull crap like this.

gamespot might've been (and might still be) corrupt, but 1up are a bunch of worthless e-thugs.

RecSpec4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Myself being a former 1up member, I am not surprised their doing ANOTHER Gamespot story. I don't blame them, it's simple business. Capitalize on another company's screw up.

I can't stand the "game journalism needs to be credible" stuff they tend to dish out on a weekly basis.

DrPirate4663d ago

This is the correct reply.

Skerj4663d ago

Hah like I trust 1up any more than I do Gamespot, they're just as shady.

niall774663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Im sure that 10/10 1up gave halo3 was "earned" and they wrote this story just to say how they feel gamespots lost integrity and not just a attempt at creating some buzz.

the gamespot horse has been hit by 1up alot over the last 2 months... they need to let go, Im sure that due to some former gamespot staff working at 1up and vis-versa and the fact both sites main offices are on the same street they feel attached but please 1up LET IT GO!!!!

Skerj4663d ago

And pointed out cons in the same review no less.

RecSpec4663d ago (Edited 4663d ago )

Gamestop is the drug dealer that got too messed up on it's own product.

1up is the drug dealer that says "See what happened to him? Told you drugs were bad. But while you're here, try our stuff, it's better"

Halo 2 got a 10/10 and they praised it's story. Even Halo fanatics I know thought the story was pretty average.

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The story is too old to be commented.