Patapon (PSP) - First Look by Gameplanet

1/22/08 - SomeGuy of Gameplanet writes:

"To be released on PSP, Patapon is similar to what was seen in PaRappa the Rapper, with a 2D layout and cut out styled design. In Patapon you will lead the tribe through a series of wars by beating the war drums, which is done by following/hitting the sequence of buttons presented."

"It's an odd looking game and is very similar to what has already been seen in PaRappa the Rapper, however this is only the first look into Patapon so things may be a lot different when more detail is released."

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Luca Blight4665d ago

This game is getting no attention and will probably be outsold by generic 3D actioner #42. Too bad - we need more games like this.

pwnsause4665d ago

well thats the reason why sony Announced that it will launch the game at 20 dollars. Im getting this BTW

n_n4665d ago

it's a shame that innovative games like this don't get the love they deserve... i'll be getting this for sure.

PlayStation3604665d ago

don't forget GoW is coming out this year for PSP aswell. But oh well, I'm still getting both :) Oh, and FF:Crisis Core!

AllroundGamer4665d ago

finished the JAP. version 2 times and i am waiting for the EU release, so guess what my score would be for this game ;)

akaFullMetal4665d ago

the game, or is there a demo out???