CES 2008: A covert intel briefing on The Agency

Earlier this month, Sony Online Entertainment finally gave the gaming world a full-on look at The Agency. The unique title, a brand-new blend of the shooter and MMO genres, was featured in a hands-on talk over pre-recorded video; a compromise in the face of demoing an online title in the unfamiliar surroundings of Las Vegas. That talk, given by the mile-a-minute lead designer Hal Milton, has been covered endlessly at other sites.

Some of the most interesting tidbits the developers were willing to discuss that day weren't on the guided tour. Lead Designer Hal Milton and Design Director Matt Wilson were willing and able to discuss several aspects of the project still in the development stages with Joystiq and their friends at Massively; they were able to pick their brains on the game's business model, the fantastic world they're creating, character advancement, future content additions, and the numerous challenges of creating a game that straddles two platforms.

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kevoncox4660d ago

Almost forgot about this game. It looks average. I hope it comes together nicely bceause the premise is exciting.

THC CELL4660d ago

Is this ment to be like x box v of huxley?

or completely different

FirstknighT4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

So I'm guessing this is supposed to be an MMO Perfect Dark w/ crap graphics?

I think Sony would be smart NOT to try to hype up this game. Just let it come out silently and maybe it has a chance at success because this game has flop written all over it.

Iron Man 24660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Huxley is an MMO UTIII ripoff that looks like total sh*t and will still not only play better,but also look better on the PC so there

Anyways,The Agency is looking and sounding awesome,I can't wait;)

Chaos Striker4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I don't know about it being crap graphics considering the art is very close to TF2, and we have all seen the tremendous success that game is having. On a side note, I wouldn't judge flop or not based on a few initial demonstrations. Once an open-beta occurs, people will have a much better idea of how this game will turn out.

**lol, guess I'll go back to ripping people's argument's to shreds instead of trying to reason with them xD.

bootsielon4660d ago

You're wasting your time, he's a troll. Don't feed him.

INehalemEXI4660d ago

I hope its not one of those buisiness models that its free2play but your access to everything is gimped until you subscribe. If it is subscription I would hope it would cost no more then $5.00/monthly.

angel6044660d ago

i generally dont like games that have monthly fees, because i usually will not play a game for like a few months like oblivion then get back into it, so why would i play a game where i have to pay the fee when im not playing it..if this game is free im buying it, if its a fee then no a chance

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