What Really Happened: Crysis 2 Screenhots

Their Story: Czech Crysis fansite publishes a story entitled Crysis 2? Screenshots. Along with this story, they post three stunningly beautiful images which are supposed to be seen as proof, that these might be taken from the already announced Crysis 2. Over the next days, international gaming news sites pick up on this and spread the word. Quite a few commenter's react with disbelief, calling the images fake and photshopped.

The Truth: The screenhots aren't faked and are also not photoshopped. But they aren't from Crysis 2 either. According to German, citing an unnamed Electronic Arts press representative and Crytek community manager: "These images are not from Crysis 2, but from a user-made [Crysis] level, which was released on the official modding portal"

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InMyOpinion4658d ago

And that's how good Crysis looks.

INehalemEXI4658d ago

I knew it was likely a custom map by someone using an editor. The textures where exactly like the ones seen in crysis.

Mr_Kuwabara4658d ago

I guess the guy that took the pic has the game on full setting cuz damn, it even fooled other Crysis fans hehe.

pwnsause4658d ago

As Much as I wanna play this game, I cant, I tried it the other day, borrowed the game from a freind of mine, installed it, when I launched the game, My computer got Raped Big Time! :)

Scrooge4658d ago

haha, that will happen with Crysis. I have an 8600 gt and while I can't run Crysis on max settings, it still looks outstanding enough to make my console buddies jealous.

xc7x4658d ago

what were people thinking lol. i always thought they were from the first game because they aren't that extraordinary to be shots for a game no one will see in a year or two from now.

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