TGS06: Multiplayer gameplay of Warhawk

No doubt, Warhawk is now the second PS3 launch-star game, along with Resistance. Sony even gave it its own closed booth, closeby the huge and noisy Playstation area, where game enthousiasts and journalists could try the multiplayer mode in several Lan sessions. And it looked plain awesome.

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PS360PCROCKS5850d ago

wow looks alot better than those old videos...but they should fix the fact you don't crash when flying into all kinds of objects, and trees since the kid flew right through one

Jay da 2KBalla5850d ago

This got delayed. Isnt no longer a launch title.

M3RCUTIO5850d ago

The game looks downright entertaining. I have to agree that it's pretty weak that colliding with and ramming other objects (i.e. trees, radar arrays) doesn't seem to come with any penalties. I mean, that guy just effing plowed into that thing during take-off and didn't seem any worse for wear. Hopefully they'll work on that. I'm also not a fan of the running animation for the guys. Looks comically out of place with the rest of the game's art design and visual appeal. Minor gripes aside, this looks hella fun.

CAPS LOCK5850d ago

this game looks better with muliti player, i hope this game is 2 players or more and i hope u could carry cars with ur planes and i hope there is damage and nice lagg free online.

CAPS LOCK5850d ago

BTW how come there was no sound in the video? or is it just me

360lagman5850d ago

Oblivion graphics
not bad still need some work

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The story is too old to be commented.