Confidential Xbox 360 "RROD" Source Responds

Here is their response:

"Hi everyone. I understand the questions you all have. I hope you understand that it's a bit overwhelming to try and answer everything in real time. After tonight, I'm going to ask Jake (or Jacob?) to field your questions and funnel them to me for answers. Then we can do that in an organized way. But for now, I'm going to try and answer some that I thought were most important."

First, why the secrecy?

"MS knows who I am. That's why I'm not concerned about self identifying to them in these postings with details only they would know, as some here have pointed out. The people who founded Xbox hw number 10. 1 left to go be the VP of manufacturing at Qualcomm, 1 left to go be the GM of engineering at Zune, 1 left after only 2 months in '99 due to conflicts with toddhol. He works on Surface now. The rest still work on Xbox. I am the only one who left the company entirely."


This is the same site who first said Bungie was leaving MSFT.


I link to the main page by accident last night.

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gamesR4fun4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

makes a lot of sense but I dont buy his whole I came out so late reason...

edit feels more like a disgruntled employee imo
Still i think hes painting a very accurate picture of what happened with the 360.

edit2 at the fanbois reporting this article stfu
plenty of stories have been published here from this source just cause it sheds a little light on the screw up m$ called the 360 doesnt mean its not news... Hell if this was dirt on the ps3 form a two bit web blog you'd be jumping over each other to approve it.

edit3 oops sorry DeltaP42 & Jdash24 you dont seem like total fanbois (just read some of your comments) still dont think its lame tho it might be fake sure but we've seen a lot less legitimate stories here. Fact is we all know it could very well be true. Besides you cant deny this guy sounds like he knows what hes talking about. So why report it?

edit4 all out of bubbles :( and the ignore counts going up lol
How about a little luv from some of the real gamers? Bubble me pls.

bizi64984667d ago

we've had way too much patience with pathologic denial in this country.

DJ4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

It shows EXACTLY what went wrong with the Engineering Team in the Xbox Division, as well as upper management, and why the 360 was pushed ahead in spite of (what we now know) as blatant signs that the hardware wasn't ready.

What's even more surprising is that Microsoft is working on even more hardware, including Personal Computers (something a few N4G contributors and myself predicted a while back). Of course, it would bring up a dilemma of not making any clean-cut revenue for their OS and Office Suite for that particular hardware, but they would have full control over both the hardware and software within that package. I'm kind of hoping that Apple, not Microsoft, wins this strategy, mainly because Apple makes great hardware and great software; Microsoft doesn't seem to be particularly gifted in either area.

I'm also hopeful that Microsoft puts greater emphasis in proper staffing and smarter decisions.

Sevir044667d ago

for the insightful PM ^^

nicholascage244667d ago

in 2 years.

damn what are they doing exactly?

shelbygt334667d ago

Okay, so I have no idea if this is a real story or just a gimmick, but the one thing that gets me is this:

From the article: Plus, I have contacted every single attorney who has filed a lawsuit against MS and offered to help. Some have accepted, and that work is in progress.We'll talk about that in another post.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that if there is "work in progress" with any lawsuits, that this person is able and willing to speak about them. I'm a little wary just because of that right there.

MattFoley4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I use a MS made PC at school so they are already in production.

2.2 would you fix something that people are still buying even though they know the failure rates.

LastDance4667d ago

I agree....If the matters in a court process.. Although he didn't say anything directly, It could become a mistrail if Lawyers found out.

Or he could just be stupid? who knows.. But that is a bit iffy.

VirusE4666d ago

Don’t kid your about apple. They are a tyrant of a company that screws over loyal fans all the time. I bought a dual 866 g4 the day it came out and it had to be replaced with a new g4 4 times. The battery in the ipod is not user serviceable, an x1900 for a g5 cost more than an 8800gt for a pc and the list just goes on and on. Macs are for people who 1. Prefer form over function 2. Are computer illiterate/know nothing about computers 3. Have more money than brains 4. They are enough of sheep to believe what apple tells them and 5. are easily swayed by crafty marketing. Look at the whole 32x pci-e scandal that is going on now. They sell macs as upgradeable but now are locking them down so you can’t upgrade them. Oh yeah and FOR GOD SAKES THEY USE FB-DIMMS!! Name another 5000 dollar home computing device that comes with a 256 meg ati 2600xt? You could buy an alienware monster for that cash. Lets not even get into what you could build on your own for 5 grand.

Rubbish, pure over priced rubbish.

Kleptic4666d ago

VirusE...totally agree with you...

the PC vs. Mac debate has some really strange points that can be directly compared to the console market...and it leaves a very big question of "why did MS do that?"...

Windows, as an OS, has what? a 95% grip still on the market?...that is almost total domination...and that doesn't end with PC consumers...that is global business wide...Macs have had to implement software sharing procedures to get their own machines to run programs that people simply can't live without...

windows succeeded for a number of reasons...but the biggest was in was easy to make software was easily manipulated...machines running the software were able to be upgraded with 3rd party peripherals and hardware...keeping a huge amount of competition in a market that MS completed owned...

Apple does the opposite...they tailor to a bunch of ignorant art students whom are still convinced that their iBook is better at viewing pictures than a PC (of which has thousands of free software downloads to do way more than what OS "n" will allow on its own)...factor in what you have to do to upgrade one of those things, and it is very obvious as to why they have basically not one measurable amount of the market...

and it doesn't stop there...mac users constantly praised how "safe" the OS is...commenting on how spyware and viruses have no effect on a Mac...while that is true, that is not a strength of the Mac...that is simply that adware creators aren't interested in addressing the 27 people that own a mac...they are more interested in the billions that use windows...its not that its a better OS...its that its an OS that nobody uses...

now transfer over everything MS has learned in this they have constantly held that market for over 20 years...and put it towards their Xbox line...and it would seem they learned nothing...

the PS3 behaves more like a PC running windows than the 360 does...the PS3 allows all kind of 3rd party accessories...has options for different OS installs...doesn't force overpriced proprietary HDDs on the user for upgrades...has an open online service, with a built in browser for distributing media in a number of different ways, of which is worth noting does not cost you a dime over your already expensive broadband connection...

the xbox line does more or less exactly what Mac does...and saying "well they want to make money" doesn't hold much weight either, because last I checked they hadn't made enough to buy the office a bucket of KFC...

In either case...expect some changes with MS and their stance on home entertainment...they still have a stranglehold on the business market...but with PC gaming wallowing in a slow and painful death, and very public problems with their biggest piece of released hardware...maybe the next Xbox will answer all of this

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

trying to STOP this story.

shame on you.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago

i`m NOT afraid to APPROVE any ANTI SONY news.


because i B3LI3V3.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4667d ago

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Self explanatory, ...FAKE!!
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How does a someone who left the company know what the details are about _CURRENT_ rates of heat-failure? is gaming N4G for traffic.
Reported by: wageslave
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gamesR4fun4667d ago

wow @ the bots spamming the report button
I understand you love your box but suppressing the news wont help anyone.

power of Green 4667d ago

Fake fke fake idiot... Somebody told me Sony's going to leave the console market he use to work for Sony and he's got this exclusive info but he doesn't want to say who he is.

gamesR4fun4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

shut up already
look real gamers are ok to let the facts speak for themselves but no you guys got to keep spamming this site with your nazi like pro M$ goon squad.
Fact is this is news its off a repudible site and while were not saying this guy is or isnt 100% legit the fact is it was published. What Im guessing has your collective green panties in a knot is the fact if its not 100% true its as close as well ever get. To the truth as to why the 360 wasn't properly made. I mean we all know it rrods heck I dont personally know a 360 owner who hasnt seen rrod at least anyones whos had it for a year or more. Myself included.

antoinetm4667d ago

power of green : so u trust this guy but you expect to convince us that your source is more credible.

anyways that guy didn't say anything that was worth mentioning.
Except that he should sue nintendo.

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Boffin4667d ago

This is obviously a Sony employee trying to make the xbox look bad. I've never seen a RROD in person, who knows if they even exist?

bohemian 234667d ago

I think it's a neo geo employee undercover as an Atari employee secretly disguised as a microsoft employee.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

between me and a few friends(5), we`ve had 16 360`s returned.

so, STFU.

BardockS30Z4667d ago

the demo 360 at work RRoD. several of my friends's 360s RRoDed several customers 360s RRoD. I feel bad for all of them. Sure they can send it in to microsoft for repair but would u really want to. One of my friends has sent his in 4 times. Maybe its cause he uses it alot. Yet he still claims 360 is superior in all aspects. Sighzorz

DJ4667d ago

Most of them are my brother's friends, since they all invested in 360s. One dude's been really lucky though; he has a launch unit, and it still works (much like the person being interviewed). My group of friends are primarily Wii/PS3 owners.

crck4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

4 out of 5 have red-ringed. Its funny how some fanboys are still trying to deny it.

Rice4667d ago

lol, i saw a 360 in Walmart with a RROD.

antoinetm4667d ago

time to move on ?

may i suggest the ps3 :)

Iron Man 24667d ago

Do not believe this guy,as he has be hypnotized by the RROD,it's too late for him now:'(

KillaManiac4667d ago

Both Gamestop store's 360 ive worked at have RROD'd and of the 4 people who I personally (talk/hang out every week) know have ALL RROD'd (atm 3 people just 1, and 1 person sent it 2 times).

Chug4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

I've personally had 2 RROD's since launch. Can't say that I know anybody else thats had hardware failure.....AND THATS BECAUSE ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE PS3'S!!!!!

Edit: Why is it that "Bots" are constantly defending MS and the 360's major defect rates? I understand that you guys love your console, but to accept and defend this BS is just crazy. As a consumer, you should be fighting back, not supporting this crap.


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