Konami: MGS 4 Demo Feburary Release Is Just Speculation

Earlier on Maxconsole contacted Konami regarding news that the MGS 4 demo was due to hit PSN in February. A Konami PR rep simply commented that "we do not comment on speculation, I am afraid" which leaves us none the wiser as to when and if the demo will hit PSN.

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Joey Gladstone4658d ago

I wish they would just release an OFFICIAL STATEMENT ..and not something that can be disputed.....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

nicholascage244658d ago

thats where you get an official confirmation

Marceles4658d ago

Everytime someone rumors about a demo, they make an official statement every month that there won't be an MGS4 demo. They've debunked the rumor just as much as the 360 rumor. These stupid sites should just stop rumoring it until it's been totally officially confirmed...not "my friend's uncle's friend's cousin in Japan who works for my friend's wife's best friend's aunt at Konami said..."

mikeslemonade4658d ago

Listen to the Kojima Productions podcast every week. All the news for MGS4 is in that podcast, so there's no need for all these rumors.

Lifendz4658d ago

although a beta of MGS online would have been great. That would've built hype for the game and let everyone see what this new thing will be like.

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SeanScythe4658d ago

if their smart which they are they will release a demo, look how well it did for MGS2 when it came with ZOE.

RecSpec4658d ago

Um yeah, they got people who could care less about ZOE to buy that game.

Watch, they will include a demo of MGS4 with Karaoke Revolution. How many MGS fans would buy that one, hmm?

Jdash244658d ago

i sure as hell would :)

RecSpec4658d ago

Damn right you would! Hell I would too. Beat the demo and celebrate by butchering Snake Eater from MGS3.

Note: I am not sure if Snake Eater is in Karaoke Revolution, don't get your hopes up.

The_Firestarter4658d ago

I care about ZOE.........a lot...............

RecSpec4658d ago

No don't get me wrong, ZOE was a great game, but not many MGS fans would have bought that game if not for the demo.

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LJWooly4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

See, I was prepared for this, I didn't get my hopes up at the original "MGS4 Demo in Feb." story, and I haven't had my hopes dashed.

I still want this demo more than anything, though, and I will be extremely happy when it comes.

MGS4 is my favourite series of all time, I've never had so much fun playing a game. MGS1, 2, and 3 were pure genius, I cannot wait for this game :)

liquidsnake4658d ago

I knew it as well so Im not dissapointed either. Would have been fun though.

LJWooly4658d ago

It would have been DAMN fun, but I guess we'll just have to be patient.

Burnout Paradise should keep me amused 'til then though. :D

RecSpec4658d ago

Too bad for the people who believed this, now they have hopelash.

Hopelash, n, getting one's hopes and dreams built up and smashed down in a short period of time.

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