Cyber Famulator Lite 1UP Gear Review: NES Games on DS, at a Terrible Cost

1UP writes: "As much as we love the Virtual Console, it has some shortcomings that really grind our nerves. Nintendo's basically made a career of ripping off Apple, from hardware design to the realization that, hey, there's a lot more money to be made by catering to a general audience than in trying to squeeze money from the same small group of hardcore geeks that the competition is after. So why doesn't Virtual Console work more like the iTunes Music Store, which uses your PC as a hub to let you move your music onto a limited number of portable devices? The one thing that would transform VC from excellent to mind-blowingly awesome would be the ability to offload retro titles from Wii to the DS. Super Metroid on the go? Why yes, thanks.

Sadly, Nintendo hasn't come through (at least not yet), so the next best thing -- short of piracy -- comes from a Japanese company called Cyber Gadget, whose solution was almost elegant in its kludgey obviousness: strap a working video game system to the back of your DS and let the good times roll".

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