Rumor: PS3 in Store for Yet Another Price Drop?

1/21/08 - Several posters at are reporting that the PS3 may have yet another price drop towards the end of the month. Many are rumoring that a $299 PS3 will be announced on January 28. is a website dedicated to providing consumers with the latest prices in electronics, breaking the news of both of the previous PS3 price drops and the 360 price drop a few weeks early, along with the CheapAssGamer forums.

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Maddens Raiders4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

coupled with the Blu-Ray victory;

It's Game Over. PS3's worldwide sales could double what they are now by the end of 2Q.

TheExecutive4667d ago

I dont know if they could double but with the release of GTA and MGS this would be a very good move indeed.

Maddens Raiders4667d ago

but my logic is wrapped around the initial PS3 sales numbers when the system was sold at a premium, the influx of really good games on the system now, and the news that Blu-ray is the format winner and the PS3 is an excellent BR player ala the PS2 and DVD's.

It seems like the more things change in the gaming world, the more they stay the same. This is eerily similar to the launch of the PS1 and the almost stifling odds that is faces vs. Nintendo. It's amazing that Sony is where they are now considering what happened last year. It just goes to show the true testament of vision, courage and committment that Ken Kutaragi and the the other PlayStation higher-ups had for this console.

I'm just glad that with hardware manufacturing costs falling off, that they are starting to see some payoffs by sticking with the plan. I don't think it's out of the question now that the PS3 could catch the XBox 360 by the end of summer or even early Winter. I know it sounds a little crazy now, but let's revisit this thread 4Q. I've already put in my favorites. :P

nicholascage244667d ago

atleast in europe.

BTw people here is the latest Dutch Chart

3 ps3 games in it!!!

kevoncox4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

The ps3 has never been sold at a gain. Where do you people get this stuff. It when from being a 300.00 lost to making money with 2 price cuts and 4 skus in the 1st year?
LMAO. Sony fanboys are such idiots. When has any console but a nintendo console everr made money in the first year. The Ps3 is still being sold at a loss. Another price cut will only come if 360 price cut generates tons of sales. seeing that Ms is still outselling the ps3 worldwide....They are not going to move the price until sony does. They are trying to recoupe all that they can.

Yes sony is going to sell 7 million consoles by the end of July

bruiser814667d ago

where do you get your info, last i checked the ps3 was outselling the 360 worldwide by like 25k units.

bruiser814667d ago

where do you get your info, last i checked the ps3 was outselling the 360 worldwide by like 25k units.

Jandre024667d ago

It costs Sony sub-$400 to make a console. Confirmed by citibank. Ill find the article if you want me to. You just make yourself look dumber and dumber every time you post.

The Wood4667d ago

that the playstation 2 and the psp help subsidise the growth of the ps3. Its already cheaper to produce so maybe the loss after the possible price cut is less than it is now. In this sense it seems that sony are using a tried and tested formula of lowering the unit cost rapidly. Do you think sony are new to this? Whatever the naysayers say, Sony keep doing what they do with the playstation brand and so far its been successful

Cwalat4667d ago

1. The production costs for Blu-Ray are really low now, so this pricecut could once and for all finish HD-DVD

2. The userbase would grow extremely fast and Exclusives would rise once again in Sonys' favor

3. This would result in a great demand for PS3's

mikeslemonade4667d ago

This is coming from slickdeals. Have they ever had any reputation for predicting things like this?

cmrbe4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Sony was reported to have halved the cost of manufacturing of the PS3. With the PS2 and PSP selling well. Sony gaming div i am sure is not really loosing that much. Also you must understand how important the PS3 is the the eventual blu victory which will get alot more money for Sony and co.

kevoncox4667d ago

Apperantly Ms has solved the RROD issue...
I wouldn't beat the farm on either rumor.
The fact is the Ps3 was reduced in price to increase DISMAL sales.
Sony was only able to cut the prices this far. They may now be able to reduce it further but they are not making a profit. MS' greed is more helpful than harmful to sony. Had MS decided to reduce the 360 when the ps3 dropped down to 399 it wouldn't be close...

Sony may be able to drop the price this summer and even that is a joke.

Sony has never reduced the price of it's console this fast. The ps2 took 16 months for a price drop( 1.5 years if I remember) and the tech was nowhere as state of the art as that of the ps3's

Lifendz4667d ago

With 360s breaking and PS3 dropping in price by almost half (if this is true), then there's no sense to not wait. Plus these people get to enjoy MGS4, GTA 4, DMC 4, etc for a fraction of what I paid to get the system. Don't get me wrong, I know early adopters pay a premimum but c'mon. Next time around, I'll let someone else pay launch price and go through the game drought.

cmrbe4667d ago

Sony has lowered the price of the PS3 faster than they did last gen with PS2 and PS1. Its only logical that they lower the price considering the sales they were getting before the price drop. Thats what a smart company do.Sony was banking on their brand recognition and peoples understanding of the approach they took but obviously alot didn't. Sony's approach was to build a system that is unparallel in features that will not only will blow our minds out but also is future proof. In other words they wanted the best for its customer not just now but in the future for the future as well and they were willing to pay 300 USD of their own money for people to experience it. Alas alot of short minded people didn't like that idea and wanted max gain NOW which was why Sony caught alot of crap when the PS3 was launched. If the PS3 was priced at 399 initially. The price drops would have been far in between like the PS2 and PS1.

masterg4667d ago


Man you crack me up.
You have no idea how things work.

It's not about if Sony is losing money or not. It's about getting market share so you can make a lot money down the line.
I don't know if they are going to drop the price or not, but it has little to do with the actual cost of making a PS3.

But go ahead and fell smart. That just cracks us up, well because it's obvious that you're not.

dronde4667d ago

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tatical4667d ago

The PS3 had two price cuts?

The 'Premium' PS3 went from $600 to $500
The 'Regular' PS3 went from $500 to $400

You can't really count that as two price cuts, if you do then the 360 had 3 price cuts (Core/Arcade, Premium, & Elite)

captainjy4667d ago

Next Sony will be giving it away, hence...PSFree. Hello $249 360. We have ways of dealing with you toaster fanatics!

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TheExecutive4667d ago

It is feasible that they do this. They have cut the price of manufacturing of the PS3 in half. Mid to late february would make sense in order to get ready for GTA. This would be very good for Sony if they could pull it off.

actionjackson4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Agree. Also, Sony, from the conception of the PS3, aimed at the HD disc market. The PS3 has been their trojan horse. Accordingly, even if Sony was to lose some money on the PS3, the amount gained from Blu-Ray will yield a net gain in the billions. From a strategic standpoint, the more PS3's Sony sells, the faster they will likely saturate the BR market. Sony banked on a vicious chain of events, and the pay off seems right around the corner. Therefore, cutting the PS3's price to heavily compete in the market would be extremely feasible for Sony.

TheExecutive4667d ago

I couldnt agree with you more. They can take the hit on the cost of the ps3 just to ensure that their bluray players saturate the market. Not only that but they will begin to see massive gains in the console war. They have a lot of software to sell this year, $100 price drop would be a good way to start selling it.

Joey Gladstone4667d ago

Go ahead and have 07' because 08' is starting off with a BANG! for SONY.......
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

kevoncox4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Welcome to my ignore list Joey...
Enjoy your stay

@ XxZxX

Yes i am that big. Why do you care? Why not read over the comment?
Why not ignore me like the 15 other puss*es have done in the last day?

nitramn4g4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Oh yeah, releasing a 40$ demo of GT5 and a price cut! That's really impressive. I'll give you that, SonyMutants are very optomistic.

XxZxX4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

kevoncox, do you think tnat are you so big that people gonna care if you add him into his ignore list. Joey not going to lose sleep over it. Nobody care. wooooooohh big deal.

Edit : If I ignore you, I just miss someone to laugh at. No thanks. I'll enjoy my laugh over you.

whoelse4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

January 28th?

Does it need one right now? Maybe summer time...

power of Green 4667d ago

It was the only thing they could find in time to counter the other rumor about the Xbox.

I see you're the only person in here with any sense.

ErcsYou4667d ago

lol.. so true. For every story there is also a counter story. Some of these N4G fanboys have dedicated there lives fighting a Console war over the internet. Sad isnt it

GodGinrai4667d ago

we should band together and take this site back from the "xbots" and "ps3droids"/fanboys in general .we would be doing the internet a favour.LOL.

hfaze4667d ago

A price drop this early in the year pretty much screams out to anyone that is expecting an income tax refund this year... I know quite a few of my buddies that will pickup a PS3 when it hits $300.

I'm hoping that this rumor turns out to be true... If so then I will start seeing a LOT more names popping up on my PSN friends list (that were previously hardcore 360 buffs)... ;-)

heyheyhey4667d ago


you have just basically summarized POG- kudos

ErcsYou4667d ago

thats exactly what i was trying to

SilverKiller4667d ago


i'm agree with you it feel strange that the rumor said Jan 28th there is nothing important on that day


also agree for me this is more that countering another rumor

i don;t think either Ms is going to drop price with GTAIV, because this is not a exclusive game so you can buy it for XBOX or PS3.

for me a good move from sony is going to be if they give a price drop with MGS4 so more people are willing to buy the console because of one AAA exclusive.

on the other hand sony can think of a estrategy to sell more ps3 in order to win the format war, so Paramount and universal can switch to the other side by May and finally we can have a clear winner on this

at the end just rumors

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Real gamer 4 life4667d ago

If this is truly tryly forreal then yes it is basically game over. This combined blueray being the winning format and the 08 line up, is a rap. Wanst there a news posted earlier that sony cut the production cost of the ps3? So this price cut may very well have a chance of happening.