GTA V Will “Break all records” Says Pachter

X360: GTA V is going to have a huge impact whenever it’s released, but can it compete with the likes of Call Of Duty? We talk to some industry insiders to find out…

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jimmins3383d ago

Will it break the record for world's biggest potato?



Thenit won't break all records.

hennessey863383d ago

the record for most hit and runs ever though.......................

john23383d ago

I'm seriously tired of Pachter

Wizziokid3383d ago

If they release the game to the Wii U audience I could see it breaking some records as it will allow more sales however since they have said they are unsure about the Wii U I.E the 'core' appeal of the console this won't happen unless games like AC3 take off on the console which I hope they do, it's about time Nintendo got back into the 'core' and before people say something about the graphics, gameplay > graphics

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The story is too old to be commented.