Disc Wars Loser Set To Do a Beta

1/20/08 - The Sydney Morning Herald writes:

"It's been an intense two-year war, unlike the protracted decade-long slugfest between VHS and Betamax. But it looks as if we can call an end to the format battle over next-generation DVDs - Blu-ray and HD DVD - and ladies and gentlemen, the winner is: Blu-ray."

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nicholascage244659d ago

seriously we all know that BD has won

can we just put an end to the influx of battle related news .

Why post news anymore when the battle is decided and won by BD?

whoelse4659d ago

Until it officially ends, expect a lot more of these!

shine13964659d ago

Although I agree with you I kind of reckon there won't be an official statement. Toshiba and Sony have a business relationship of sorts and they have worked on other stuff together. The forum behind HD-DVd won't disband either. Things will just go away into the sunset...

KS19854659d ago

It will happen eventually

whoelse4659d ago


Did you do that all for one comment.

KS19854659d ago

Hey, a picture speaks 1000 words and that picture explains it all.

Lord Anubis4659d ago

funny articles they claim that downloadable movies are here yet we are still ways off.

bootsielon4659d ago

Then it's definitely the end for HD-DVD. What more can HD-DVD ask for? Toshiba is losing interests by *still* backing HD-DVD. If they back Blu-ray now, they can earn the money NOW, and earn interests later.

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