More Than One Chinese Blu-ray Disc Players On the way?

Formatwarcentral reports that it seems that a second Chinese Blu-ray player is in the works. They confirmed that Gowell Blu-ray player is not the one that was demonstrated at CES by invitation only.

The Gowell player also has a wide feature set including HDMI 1.3, Ethernet, BDR/RE support, SD/MS card slots, TrueHD and DTS HD decoding, etc. However some of the specs like the SATA support kind of imply that they might have a reference platform and will build for others to brand the player.

In any case, it is great to see new, potentially inexpensive players on the horizon

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Cyrus3654660d ago

I wonder when these Cheap? blu-ray players will hit the market, and if so will it go to Walmart, like that talked about rumor last year.