The philosophy of favoring Playstation over Xbox

Sony has a proven track record of fostering an environment, culture, and development process that results in a wider range of creative, artistic, and unique games. Microsoft, on the other hand, has in excellent track record of maximizing profit, while minimizing risk. Which is better for the games and gamers?

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Joey Gladstone4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

That is what a lot of people dont get .......PS3 relates to all gamers in some way which is its main selling point..more options........while Xbox360 only relates to the Hardcore fans...that is how theyve advertised themselves from the beginning.....Microsoft has created a losing image that they cannot now seem to shake........
.."The JOEY has Spoken"

Mr PS34665d ago

If you like the finer things in life and you like the best you buy a PS3
If your a cheap redneck hillbillie sh1tkicker and you have no standards you buy a Xbox !!

mikeslemonade4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Basically his article or blog as I should say brings up the debate about western vs eastern gaming development. And I agree that western gaming needs to expand in general. However I disagree about Bioshock. Bioshock is a change of pace of a normal shooter and it is the beginning of change for the FPS genre. Other games which I won't name need to expand. Stop catering to the same 25 million people in the U.S.

sak5004665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

joey "PS3 = a wider range of creative, artistic, and unique games "

Ps3 doesnt even have wider range of games let alone of differnt genre.

joey "PS3 relates to all gamers in some way which is its main selling point"

but those gamers dont buy games"

joey "The JOEY has Spoken"

Correction joey has again spitted B$hit

AngryTypingGuy4665d ago

Did the author of this article not look at the [SUPERIOR] game lineup for the 360? Actually, it's not that different from the PS3. Yes, the 360 caters more to a western audience, but that's a good thing.

Joey Gladstone and Mr. PS3, you two spew a lot of crap. All 360 owners are cheap $hittalking hillbillies? Maybe 360 owners just like better games, you know, GOTY candidates. Innovation? How about Bioshock, or Mass Effect? Variety? Look at any games list, like

to see that there's plenty to choose from. There sure are a lot of retards on this site, including the 25 or so who would agree with the crap coming out of your mouths.

TerrorCell4665d ago

don't waste your time man. how many times does it take before you americans realise that you are not the only gamers on earth! all those games you spouted were GOTY contention because they where selected by US based reviewers. the PS3 does have a greater lineup and is already more diverse. and oh yeah your 360 attach rate is crap because it takes into account all the xbox live games you buy with your 'points'. these games are hardly next gen and should not be included. US get over yourself, you are heading for a recession and dragging the world down with you

VanDamme4664d ago

Stupid Americans! You bring down world!!! Hey f*ck face--the cell was developed in America.

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Maddens Raiders4665d ago

It's as if the media suddenly woke up one morning and said, "hey the PS3 is pretty damn good!" Funny.

"What Sony does have, however, is a proven track record. They have a long history of delivering a wide range of diverse titles that constantly push the envelope on game inspiration, game play, etc. They have done this for decades while being a huge corporate entity the entire time."

Yeah imagine that.

toughNAME4665d ago

I agree...but I tihnk its more THIS SITE than the actual may have also noticed the huge increase in fanboys for one side

and this isn't the media this is...Todd

TerrorCell4665d ago

i think this game single handedly changed the way people saw the PS3. yes it was too short but god damn it was beautiful. developers are seeing the potential and naughty dog havn't even scratched the surface, so they say the future looks bright for PS3. and don't get me wrong the 360 is not and will not die. this year will be just a slightly off year and it we see a levelling of the playing field

power of Green 4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

The 360 has more diversity than any console out.

Please idiot don't dissagree any fool can check the lists of games out now and this year.

The 360 has many games in every genre and many hibrids.

The 360 is leading the way this generation and some platforms are playing catch up while the competition's consoles are designed in the 360's image and functionality.


BardockS30Z... Agreed! the games is too childish for adults and too complex for young kids so its demographic is small the game isn't going to do well.

EDIT...kevoncox, I see Ninja Gaiden 2 and Project Offset and maybe Elveon being good games too. Thesis seemed like it could be a good game.

bootsielon4665d ago

Most of these games start with "First Person" or end with "Shooter". The rest aren't genre defining games, or they are risk avoiding sandbox, racing, RTS or Western RPG games.

I can sum those up in few words for you: "PC Games". As these games appeal to the hardcore, yet the industry is way bigger than that, it's safe to say that Xbox 360 doesn't have a varied line-up. It's the same line-up as the one found on the original Xbox, except with a little bit more Japanese support and a headstart.

InYourMom4665d ago

You are correct and I believe there has been several articles that actually weigh out the different genres.. But the droids are caught in a feedback loop and continue on with there "shooter console" and "hardcore only" nonsense.

I will dare anyone to compare the PS3 library with the 360 library and show me the PS3 has more diversity..

People that disagreed with your comment are in flat out denial.

kevoncox4665d ago

People that say that the 360's library isn't diverse but then mention the ps3 are idoits. FPS are the is generations defacto genre. Every gen there is a genre that is the most dominant

Snes/ genisis = fighters
n64/ PSX = 3D adventure
Ps2/xbox = Free roaming

It's the way things are...
The ps3's top games of 2008 are?

MGS4 = stealth shooter

Yes mr. kettle you are black.

The 360's biggest games this year are...

Halo wars = RTS
Fable 2 = RPG
Alan Wake = Adventure
ZToo Human = Rpg adventure

Which line up has the most diversitiy...

Ps3's 08 line up is alot like xbox's 07..

Racer = Gt vs. Forza
Exculisve shooter = Resistance vs. Biosphere
1st party FPS with huge hype = Killzone vs. Halo

BardockS30Z4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Ps3 has only been out a year so people need to stop b*tching that it has no games.

What about Little Big Planet. There is not 1 game on 360 that is similar. That will be a big hit

heyheyhey4665d ago

stop talking bullcrap POG, il lay it down for you plain and simple:


Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Metro 2003: The Last Refuge


Uncharted 2 followed by Jak and Daxter 4
God of War 3 (an 09 title but still worth a mention)
infamous followed by Sly Cooper 4
LA Noire

Straight-up RPG:

Star Ocean 4
Kingdom Hearts 3
Dragon Quest 9
White Knight Story
FF7 Remake (it's going to happen)


Motorstorm 2
Gran Turismo 5
Ridge Racer 8
Wipeout HD

Multiplayer Hits:

SOCOM: Confrontations
Resistance 2
Metal Gear Online

Third-Person action shooter thingamajig:

Eight Days


The Getaway 3

Oddball/ Original:

Little Big Planet
Home (ok it's not really a game, but whatever)

Strategy/ DW-esque games:



Tekken 6

Untitled Projects:

Crytek PS3 project
Rockstar Western PS3 project
Naruto Project
3 David Jaffe exclusives

MMO Games:

The Agency (PC too)
Tabula Rasa (PC too)
Lineage (PC too)
Guild Wars (PC too)

the reason you haven't seen the mighty MGS4 here so far is because im not sure what to class it as, but here goes:

Stealth-Action-Adventure-FPS elements-thingamajiggy arrgghh i don't know its an amazing game anyway

im sure i have missed some- so would someone please add the ones i missed

as you can see POG, the M$ bullsh!t candybar and Denial Cereal are not good for you

BardockS30Z4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

There are 6 year olds playing GTA, sad but true, LBP looks EASY to play. Theres plenty of adults who would love this kind of game. People who are heavily artistic will dive in to it.

pwnsause4665d ago

the fact that you said that SNES/Genesis=Fighters, makes you argument invalid now. I played so many games on those consoles, and to say it was about fighters? are you stupid???Seriously, go back to your room and go to sleep. you're nothing more than a 8 year old who loves to troll, do you know the games that I played on the Snes, it was just fighters, there were 2D platformers(mario,Sonic,Shinob i, racing games(forgot about top gear and F-Zero you dumb?) co-op(Golden Axe,Final Fight, etc), seriously I should not keep posting more about this, let the others post for me, you mad dumb, just quit posting..

snoopgg4665d ago

Everyone goto and see article in ps3 previews section. Yeah, Crysis is coming to the ps3 and not the 360 because of technical issues with the 360. This is yet another good reason to own a ps3.

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You bought an Xbox4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

And you wanna know why !!
Cause i'm the DISAGREE BANDIT and i DISAGREE with all
Not only that your talkin a load of monkey crap

HarryEtTubMan4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

PS3 = The all around console. The most diverse lineup of Casual and Hardcore. Also the most reliable system, with the most features, best technology( by far) and by the end of its second year... the best and most impressive games. All doucheBOTS will be PWNED. I cant wait.

Wii = Causal gaming

360= Most defective console ever made. You HAVE to pay 100$ for Wi-fi. Only DvD.(Ghetto) Have to put AA batteries in the crusty controllers. System has scratched millions of games. Huge unreasonable Powerbrick. Was sold for the first 2 years( and still is) with a Obsolete HD DVD add on drive that Microsft STILL supports because they are sore losers and have Millions of HD drives not bought yet. Make u pay for a online program with NOT ONE Dedicated server (All the best PS3 and PC games use these....for free) The system is a year ahead of its barely one year old competition.... and has released a few more games and giving developers more time on the platform to to make its roughly 4-5 games(the ONLY thing about the system XBOTS even have to name... and they dont even play most of them any more because they get old... trust me I have a XBOX hahahaha) so the Overzealous Unrational Xbots ACTUALLY BELIEVE they have A CHANCE of not coming in third just because Microsft knows they are LOSERS and rushed their system out A WHOLE YEAR AHEAD to try and gain the benefits.(Too bad the are already losing to the PS3 every week at the beginning of only its second year) They console is going to get PWNED IN 2008, 2009 AND BEYOND into 2016.

There is NO WINNER until every console has finished the race! Micro$haft started early.... and Sony is gonna finsh this baby late!!!! hahahahhahaa You pathetiv Xbots are despertae for anything and when the PS3 gets its fair tur and by the end of its second year its gonna have soooo many good games... then imagine 2009! You Xbots are seriouslyyyyy going to lose!


Come on please leave a witty comment so I can OWN you. Like the PS3 is already T - bagging the 255$ Xbox 360 with Halo 3, Biocshock and No Effect released hahahah YOU GUYS WILL NEVER WIN U DUMMIES. HALO 3 DIDNT DO ANYTHING BUT SALE TO FANGIRLS HAHHAHAHA. The Xbox isnt selling like a Playstation and it took that position this generation hahahahaha IT ISN'T AND ITS ALREADY MAINSTREAM PRICED!!!!! HAHAHAHAH Y OU THINK 50$ DOLLARS WILL HELP WITH THE GAMES THE PS3 HAS COMING AND IF THE PS3'S PRICE DRTOPS AGAIN??? ITS ALREADY CHEAP HAHAHAHHAA ND NOOO ONE IS BUYING IT!!! ITS NOT SELLING VERY GOOD AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT BOTS!

When the PS3 is 300$ and below u are gonna be eating sh!t hahahaha

AngryTypingGuy4665d ago

You need a girlfriend. Try an online dating service. Good luck.