GamerTM Gives 7/10 To NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

1/21/08 - Mark Podd of GamerTM writes:

"If all videogame reviews boiled down to common logic, then we'd be sitting here praising NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams as one of the best games ever."

"We'd wax lyrical about how well it captures the essence of the original NiGHTS, itself one of the most revered games of all time (and one that, thanks to the failure of the Sega Saturn, all too few gamers got to sample). We'd then praise how Sonic Team has managed to take this fundamental concept and flesh it out with a wealth of bonus modes and extra features to ensure there's plenty of longevity. Then finally, we'd probably tell you about how the power of the Wii hardware (such a step up from the Saturn) has been used to craft a wacky and wonderful dream world in which NiGHTS can play out his/her/its adventure."

"But despite all these elements being present, somehow they don't quite add up in the way you'd want them to."

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wiizy4659d ago

this game is good. dont understand the low scores on some sites