Nintendo survey may indicate the end of the GameBoy

Nintendo recently conducted (and may still be conducting) a web survey concerning the GameBoy Advance SP and one of the writers at Gamertell grabbed a few screnshots.

Many of the questions ask about current and future use of the GameBoy, as well as the DS's technological superiority. According to Gamertell, overall tone of the questions seems to indicate that Nintendo is trying to assess whether or not anyone still plays the GameBoy system or it should simply stick with the DS.

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BardockS30Z4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

everyone should be able to afford a ds or psp

Iron Man 24661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

I agree,who cares about the GBA/SP when you can get yourself a DS and/or a PSP for cheap?;)

TwissT4661d ago

Ahh the gameboy so many good memories.

clevernickname4661d ago

Let's be clear, the Gameboy Advance has turned into nothing more than the Pokemon Advance. I can't think of a single title of any note that has been released in the last year or two.

The DS may not have been the intentional successor to the GBA, but it is the practical one in light of its tremendous success.