Swanni skeptical of alleged Fox and Warner payoff.

Syndicated columnist Don Lindich is reporting that Sony, the leader backer of Blu-ray, recently paid Fox and Warner Bros. to support the high-def format. Lindich says Fox was ready to jump ship and support HD DVD until Sony kicked in with the money. At that point, Warner decided to take a payoff as well.

Lindich quotes "sources" for his report without naming them or even characterizing them from coming from a specific unit.

I will not challenge his report -- it may even be true. But I have to point out that Lindich, a longtime HD DVD booster, also reported less than two weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show that Warner Bros. would attend HD DVD's big media event at the Las Vegas conference.

The columnist said HD DVD's attendance was evidence that Warner would not shed its neutrality in the race and support Blu-ray. (This reporter, and a few others, predicted that Warner would endorse Blu-ray.)

As we now know, Warner not only did not attend the HD DVD event -- but the event was cancelled 48 hours prior because Warner announced it had...decided to endorse Blu-ray.

Lindich was wrong about the HD DVD event. Spectacularly wrong.

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bootsielon4658d ago

He is a spectacular idiot. "Sources", lol

"Lindich quotes "sources" for his report without naming them or even characterizing them from coming from a specific unit."

"I will not challenge his report -- it may even be true. "

Well, you just did! And very well done indeed.

marinelife94658d ago

I didn't know this Lindich guy was the source of all the speculation. I just found it amazing that it kept going on even after Fox said they support Blu-Ray because of BD +.

The Warner exec insisted to everyone that they didn't receive any money. It's not like he would lie about it when everyone would know when their financials came out at the end of the quarter.

BrianC62344658d ago

What's scary is Lindich has an advice column and advises readers on what to do regarding their entertainment systems. I can't believe anyone would pay that hack to give advice.

nicholascage244658d ago

Warners owns 50% of the movie revenues in 2007 and thats worth around 17 billion dollars.

Geez these lame article spring up every now and then.

You can see the Blu Ray uptake patterns in Japan and europe. Why would someone stick to a losing format?

The Blu Ray gave DVD a real scare in 2007 Japan even at a very high price range.

can you even imagine what happens in 2008?

BrianC62344658d ago

I think you're confused. The article is about other "journalists" who made a claim about Warner being paid to switch to just Blu-ray. That isn't a lame article. Or are you talking about the articles he talked about in his article?

duarteq4658d ago

Who gives a fuk about this right now. Wasn't Paramount paid for the same reasons to HD-DVD?

Go outside and start getting a life...

whoelse4658d ago

warner got no money, they couldn't lie about śomething about that

Boffin4658d ago

Lindich is the only member of the media who wasn't payed off by Sony in the whole hd formt war, and the only one speaking the truth. They paid millions to Warner to drop hddvd, and even still they are going to produce movies for the format for months to come. With the lower prices of the stand alone players it's a matter of time until they try to get out of this deal.

bosels114658d ago

its not Lindich, its LinDICK! Warner going back will never happen. This wasnt even a war, it was a slaughter from the beginning. And yes Paramounted and Universal will both be making Blu Rays by the end of the year, maybe by Summer - Paramount will by Summer for sure. Dont believe me? Just watch. From here on out they will lose tons of money until they switch.

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