The PS3 will ultimately 'win' this generation because of Blu-ray

Crunch Gear:

"This is hard to think, and even harder to say, but if the editor of Next-Generation says it, I'm inclined to believe it: the PlayStation 3 will be the ultimate winner of this generation. And, like in an academic paper, the author actually defines what "winning" means (and what it doesn't mean).

First, "winning" isn't what it used to be: no one console will be an unmistakable dominant force; no one console will "fail." Rather, with this generation, all the players (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) will go home with some sort of prize. Nintendo will have "won" in opening up the video game market to a whole different group of people, for example. Microsoft may end up making some money off its Xbox Live Marketplace. And Sony has Blu-ray."

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Joey Gladstone4658d ago

No truer words have been spoken on this site....
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

mikeslemonade4658d ago

In the foreseeable I see Wii selling the most units, Sony will make the most money out of the PS3 because they have games and movies, and Microsoft establishes a stronger brand in the U.S. but will lose the most money in this generation because of the faulty hardware that hasn't been fixed in more than 2 years since launch.

SoulReaper4658d ago

Microsoft greatest fall is having no games this year and still producing defective console..The thousand or even millions of people who did suffer from the Red Lights of Death will just switch to the PS3 for their gaming needs and movies..They will not stand this type of BS from Microsoft.

kevoncox4658d ago

No Ms has no games...
Lol you guys are funny. Every multiplat game will be better on 360.
The console will/ still is cheaper and is still out selling the ps3.
Face it this gen is a major L for the once dominate sony. It' in last place. and will be ther until 2010.

RecSpec4658d ago

You're all right, and you're all wrong at the same time.

I'm boycotting all these "X Console will win console war stories"

Who's with me?

Maddens Raiders4658d ago

in fact, I think they have been reading my posts. :P

Robearboy4658d ago

"The Joey has spoken", here in England joey is another word for slave or someone who does as everyone asks, e.g "hey joey, get me that ketchup now" then once the ketchup is passed "cheers joey" lol
Any way back to the real issue, this article is quite well thought out and he has some decent points, but the whole arguement is hopefull that blue ray will succeed the dvd, i would say about 85 - 90 percent of people still dont have any type of next gen dvd

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toughNAME4658d ago

Winning as in: selling the most consoles, then yes I believe PS3 will 'win' this generation for a multitude of reason.

The name brand and the experience is probably the leading cause with Sony eventual win. But its worth noting the odd obsession some Playstation fans have with Playstation products.

But when it comes having the best experience and the highest quality games I believe Microsoft will win. Examples are the reviews for GT:Prologue and DMC4 ("a playstation game to the bone"), they've been good but not great.

And also all of 2007 where even Sony's big games couldn't compare to Microsoft's AAA games.

Again, Sony will win in terms of sales... this I have zero doubt.

bootsielon4658d ago

Except at least Sony fans have variety to look forward too.

mikeslemonade4658d ago

Well if you're a shooter and online fan then 2007 360 had the best system, but other than that your just a typical short sighted xbox 360 fanboy. I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I disagree that it will sell the most units. It's a toss up between Wii and PS3.

toughNAME4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Quality > Quantity


EDIT- mike..2008 might be different, but we all know 2007 was the year of the 360...come back when you have something intelligent to say

EDIT #2- mike... seriously... what'd I JUST say?
and also proof read before you post

and just watch my agree/disagrees on any of my me one side is much larger than the other

mikeslemonade4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

2008 might be different for PS3 and 360? Pretty fanboyish comment right there. PS3 will improve in 2008 and 360 will come down a little bit. And you said that 360 will win with the best experience this generation not 2007. That right there is too early to call since Wii and PS3 haven't hit their full potential. Your a typical short sighted xbox fanboy. I'm pretty sure the dreamcast fanboys, hd-dvd fanboys, sega genesis fanboys all were saying the samething as you're now.

And Hockey is a failure. Move on to Baseball, NFL, and NBA if you like support monopolies like Microsoft.

The Killer4658d ago

motion sensing, wireless, free online, reliable, full HD, cheaper,harddrives built in and easy can change between them, best games ever will hit this year and next,innovating, free online, etc i can go on and on!

and when the price is right with blue ray taking over and all AAA games are here then u will see a huge change! ps3 and playstation was always about the games first!

xplosneer4658d ago

hmm I can see your reasoning, but AAA is defined by who is playing it REALLY becasuse that's all that matters.

Xbox 360 did have mostly better games this year, there is no denying.

whoelse4658d ago

I wouldn't say prologue was 'not great'. You have to see that Prologue is just a demo of the whole thing.

The PS3 has the best games in 2008 no questions asked!

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PStriple7034658d ago

sony always start's off slow with every console then come out on top! They kno what there doing just look at who ran the gaming world the pass few years

gamesR4fun4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

"Look for the PS3 to not suck nearly as much as it has these past few years. That much is certain."

lol well with the machine gaining momentum has the worlds premiere console its unavoidable. But imo the ps3 never sucked lol I bought mine with R/fom and NGS and its never had a day off. We own about ten or 12 games and the online is the best Ive ever seen. 40 player r/fom lag free and wicked fun Warhawk at 32 players never gets old ut3 is amazing tho I wish they had built in an optional cross platform onlline so the pc users would have more peeps to play.
Nope no ones denying it with the games coming hot and fsat now ps3 08 ftw.
And sure b/r will help sell consoles but whats going to put it over the top is the games and the free online service thats second to none.

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