Videogamer Reviews Sensible World of Soccer - 8/10

Via Videogamer:

"I remember listening to a US video game podcast recently (which will go unnamed) where the presenters were slagging off SWOS for having Sensible in its title, for having soccer in its title when it was British - "WTF! Shouldn't it be called football? LOL Stupid Brits" - and generally for not being American Football. Well screw them, and their Madden games. We don't need no rubbish next-gen title to get us excited about our national sport. All we need is simple, down to earth footballing fun, and that's what SWOS is."

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Chubear4554d ago

These guys are high; they've got to be. 8/10 for that?! really? Wow.

Robearboy4554d ago

Is an absolute classic, i spent many an hour on my Amiga playing this, anyone thinking of getting this, then i would highly recomend

BrotherSic4554d ago

I enjoy playing it but I wouldn't really recommend anyone getting this unless you played the original. American's won't understand :)

Skizelli4554d ago

Just like the rest of the world won't understand American football. So what? And don't generalize Americans like that. There ARE fans.

stuntman_mike4554d ago

classic game if your footy fan you should definatley get it.

Skizelli4554d ago

That last paragraph was a touching story, but was it really necessary? Opinions vary. Why even mention someone else dogging on it? Oh, that's right - because they were American. To be fair, though, the "Stupid Brits" comment in the podcast was unnecessary as well. Still, flaming has no place in a review. I want to know about the game, not one's opinion of someone else. Unprofessional journalism all around.