Far Cry 2 Exclusive Impressions and Screens from GameSpot

The original Far Cry was a first-person shooter that started off on a vast tropical island, and it offered a remarkable open-ended experience as you fought squadrons of soldiers in sprawling outdoor environments. Then, you discovered a claustrophobic military complex and spent the rest of the game fighting mutant monsters in tight corridors -- though that part of the game isn't remembered as fondly. The sequel will embrace the strengths of the first game by pushing even harder on the open-ended nature of the original game -- in fact, the game will be built entirely around the concept of open exploration, offering a world that's about 50 square kilometers in virtual size. GameSpot had a chance to take a look at the powerful and impressive tech that will power the sequel, as well as to see several of the gun battles in motion.

The game is scheduled for release later this year on the PC and was recently confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well. GameSpot were told that the console versions are being developed with the PC version and will feature all the content of the PC versions, and that they'll ship some time after the PC version hits store shelves.

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solar4658d ago

game looks and sounds absolutely sick O.O

Danielson4658d ago

Wow cant wait for this. just hope my pc cant handle this, although my pc can run crysis on high.