TGS 2006: Gran Turismo HD Update

Yamauchi provided a summary of what's known about GT HD so far, including the split in modes between classic and premium. Just to avoid confusion, we'll repeat the details here. Classic mode is GT4 in high definition and with a few additional visual enhancements. The mode will be playable exclusively through downloadable cars and tracks. Premium mode is a single player preview of Gran Turismo 5, featuring a full-fledged PS3 graphics engine and detailed tracks and car models.

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PS360PCROCKS5850d ago

so there it is, online is free because of this? That kinda sucks...I can't believe their charging for tracks and cars for this game, when it's not even a new release

TheMART5850d ago

And when one reads this about Forza 2 in the hands on:

"One excellent feature we witnessed was the car damage system. Slamming into a wall caused deformation on parts of the vehicle including tiny spider web cracks across the windshield. Another knock against the wall took the rear bumper clean off and damaged car parts that stayed on the course until the end of the race. When you completely total your ride it's possible to take pictures of the wreck and post them on to be shared with the online world. Forza 2 is also being developed in conjunction with the soon to be released wireless racing wheel which features both force feedback and rumble."

A gamer knows Forza 2 is gonna own GT4 HD with the damage model, on graphics, on sounds, cars (which don't cost extra in Forza 2, you'll get them when you buy the game in contrary to GT4 which will drain dollars from you), rumble in the controller and force feedback in a racing wheel...

zypher5850d ago

so, you came here to advertise Forza 2? you could've just found a news article about Forza 2 and posted it instead.

HiSpeedSoldier615850d ago

You know mart, he is one of the most lonely and dedicated PS3 bashers ever known.

When PS3 takes over, he still won't change his tone.

Shadow5850d ago

Actually, I'd say GT4 HD looks significantly better than Forza 2 graphically.

Also, I actually like the idea of downloading cars, especially considering they are contemplating making limited runs of special edition cars, and releasing new models as they become available in real-life.

kmis875850d ago

I heard the game itself is going to be incredibly cheap and they're just going to rely on microtransactions to make profit off of it. The article on ign says the game itself will only cost a few dollars:

Hopefully this will make the wait for gt5 in 2008 a little more bearable. Until then at least we have this and Motorstorm.

COVER GIRL5850d ago

You guy's don't be ridiculous. The Mart is right everybody knows Forza's the next-gen sim of choice the reviews prove it. Forza 2's gameplay will revolutionize next-gen racing sim gameplay. It's why only the hardest Sony gametrolls/Super-fanboys will defend it and say GT4 is better. Forza 3 in 2008-2009 will look real! it's the color" it's the mirror's it's so clear. lol

kmis875850d ago

The reviews prove it? Gran Turismo has had 4 different installments which have metacritic aggregate scores of 96, 93, 95, and 89. Forza has one installment which scored at a 92. To go ahead and anoint Forza the preeminent racing simulator would be completely fallacious.

achira5850d ago

you should buy more drugs, then you would better think. gt ist the best racing game ever, dont compare it with this sh!t forza2 . you have no idea of what you are talking about. look at the new screenshots: gt hd owns forza 2 in any aspect, graphic and by far the gameplay , which is very realistic. forza 2 is nothing than sh!t. look at the lightning, it looks so unnatural. the environments are sh!t, and the cars have by far not the detail gt hd has. i dont want to mention gt premium, or gt 5.

DEIx15x85850d ago

Why would the guy even speak. There wasn't a single positive statement in there. They even took the staggering 750+ cars and 50+ tracks available for download that were already put in negative light for being a pay item and made them worse by saying that they are only a play and don't exist. This game only has 51 items and they wouldn't even say how many of those are tracks, i say 5 which still leaves a horribly low number of cars.

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