Aussies spend $1.3bn on games

Statistics from market research group GfK Australia show Australians purchased 15.4 million games in 2007, with more than a third sold in the final quarter ahead of Christmas.

Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia CEO Ron Curry said the 43.6 per cent sales increase from 2006 was a record achievement compared to the previous year's seven per cent rise.

"Last year, Australians welcomed the arrival of the PS3 (Playstation 3) and marked a full year since the release of the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii," he said.

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nicholascage244658d ago

LTD Installed Base
360: 303,000 (as of mid January)
Wii: 293,990 (as of end of 2007)
PS3: 175,000** (as of end of 2007)
NDS: 988,168 (as of early January)
PSP: Unknown
PS2: More than 2.1 million

Christmas 2007 Sales (last six weeks of 2007)
GFK have released Christmas hardware figures to manufacturers. So far, only Sony has released their data to the public. GFK however have released a ranking of consoles from most to least.

1. NDS (Unknown)
2. Wii (Unknown)
3. PS2 (81,000)
4. PS3 (48,000)
5. Xbox 360 (Unknown)
6. PSP (45,000)

Vgchartz are wrong again?

so despite popular myth ps3 actually outsold xbox 360 in australia.

Vgchartz is also undertracking ps3 sales in Germany.

anecdotal evidence :-

i know it is Amazon Germany but just look at the charts!

kwicksandz4658d ago

theres no way the PS3 is gonna outsell the 360 which could be got as low as $449 over xmas or even $99 for a trade in at game.

The PS3 will need to drop below $500 AU to get near the 360s sales strong 08 line up or not.