Paramount titles in Blu-ray on Amazon

Take this rumor with a grain of salt but over at, it has listed Anchorman, Coming to America and Trading Places. Now this could be a simple mistake, or it could be a sign that Paramount is already getting ready to re-join the Blu-ray camp.


UPDATE 1: 2 more titles have been added to amazon: Failure to Launch and Freedom Writers.

UPDATE 2: One of the members on this site was helpful enough to contact amazon about the listings and he got the following reply:

"We have checked our website and confirm that the DVDs you are
mentioned are scheduled to release in March.

Our editorial staff are constantly working on increasing the information we provide about each item as it becomes available to us. However, the information currently displayed on the product's information page is all that has so far been made available to us from the manufacturer."

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resistance1004666d ago

Would love it to be true, i will snap up Anchorman in half a second

actas1234666d ago

Nice to know another Anchorman Fan.. Its the funniest movie ever.

rawd4666d ago

You're a smelly pirate hooker

snoop_dizzle4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

"tell me about it... i ate a big red candle!"

"i love lamp!"

brick is the best.

rawd4666d ago

Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island?

DRUDOG4666d ago

Lanolin?!? Like the sheep's wool?

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nevelo074666d ago

might be getting transformers soon

DRUDOG4666d ago

It's eventually going to happen anyway. Better sooner rather than later for Paramount & DW to start shifting to BD. HD-DVD is in it's last days, obviously...

rawd4666d ago

Transformers in Bluray
The way it was meant to be watched.


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The story is too old to be commented.