PlayStation.Blog: Patapon Pata-Price: $19.99

Director of Software Marketing Jeff Reese writes on the PlayStation.Blog that Patapon will be released on February 26th at $19.99 in the US:

"As you can see, Patapon is really different and highly creative, a new kind of PSP experience we don't want anyone to miss. So to make it more accessible to everyone, we are happy to officially announce that we are releasing it at $19.99, lower than other new PSP games. It's a game that shouldn't get lost with some other big titles launching on the platform. It deserves your attention because it's very cool.

Normally, this price had been reserved for our Greatest Hits line, a collection of well established titles. But we felt that the unique nature of Patapon fit nicely into this pricepoint, and would work to attract the masses (casual, younger) who may otherwise miss it. So we'll see if it works!"

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TnS4665d ago

Looks like the earlier rumor was true:

Darkiewonder4665d ago

That's freaking awesome. I'm glad It's a sony game. Especially for psp. it's always 19.99/29.99. Definitely will be getting this day 1!

DRUDOG4665d ago

Great news. Was on the fence, but $20 is definitely worth a try.

PS360WII4665d ago

Nice that is a much better deal then their usual console priced handheld games ^^ Maybe they are going to be having their own 'Touch Gen' typish games?

mccomber4665d ago

Especially since I already had it pre-ordered at $40 on amazon... now to see how long it takes them to update the price.

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