The Future Of Square Enix

It used to be that Squaresoft and Enix couldn't go a year without releasing multiple award-winning JRPGs or JRPG spinoffs. In the SNES era alone, Squaresoft released the first Breath of Fire, multiple Final Fantasies, two Secret of Manas, several Romancing SaGas, Front Mission, Chrono Trigger, Bahamut Lagoon, and Super Mario RPG. And Enix hit the RPG scene heavily with Actraiser, Illusion of Gaia, two Dragon Quest games, and more. The two companies alone totally saturated the SNES market with high quality JRPGs that stand as classics even to this day and this continued to the PSOne and even PS2 era when ........

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Godmars2904111d ago

What else is there to say if Square can't get over this preoccupation with cutscenes:

darthv724111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

whatever their future holds, I hope there is an einhander sequel in there somewhere.

NYC_Gamer4111d ago

SE is becoming more of a publisher now days

Dreassic4111d ago

Since when is Breath of Fire a Square IP.
It's always been a Capcom series.

Hicken4111d ago

A four-week old article full of fallacies get submitted?

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But it cannot guarantee jobs afterwards.

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time2die1269d ago

This is controversial but as much as i used to love game when they first opened they are a massive greedy operation now owned by the horrible individual Mike Ashley. don't want any individual to lose there jobs as a lot of the people who work for Game are probably decent people, but if this Company went under based on the current horrible climate conditions i would not care less.

They are a greedy rip of company with prices as much as £15 more for a game than what's left on the high street like Supermarkets,there rise has killed the Game industry as we know it, and many small independent shops have gone bust because of them.

At the time i moved over to Gamestation ,eventually bought by Game and closed down about 18 months later, if it was possible to save the staff and ruin Ashley i would be all for it.

But sadly the rich fat bastard wont be affected and only the poor minions that work for the twat will.