Resistance - TGS 06 Enemy Attack Gameplay

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, like a force field in front of you.

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crystallakekiller5845d ago

man! thats lame!there's no atmosphere from what a saw in this video...the graphics are ok,nothing spectacular,i am not impress at all by this game!

NextGen24Gamer5845d ago

I normally don't bash a game. But Resistance looks horrible when watching gameplay. Now its obvious many of those screen shots with no gun or health or ammo being shown was CG. I have lost all respect for SONY. They did it again. Resistance is a launch game and looks like an xbox game from 4 years ago...Where is the destructable enviorments? The guy was shooting boxes and nothing. No explosion...they didn't break...move...anything. This "was" the one game i was interested in. NO MORE. I'm done giving Sony chances. Then all the ps3's breaking down due to 1080p and people complaining about frame rates getting as slow as 2 frames per second. The ps3 is struggling...And this game can see for yourself. I still can't bring myself to say it....Its hard for me to bash a game. Who I'm sooooo happy with the 360 right about now. WOW

DJ5845d ago

You've been bashing this game(and every other PS3 title) for months, and ramped it up even more once they released the data size. Stop being upset with your DVD drive. If you hate it so much blame Microsoft; they built the damn system.

One of the main weapons in the game is the Auger, which shoots energy blasts that pass through matter. Maybe you got confused again? I've seen plenty of gameplay videos of this title, and it just keeps getting more and more impressive. They already finished the game, and now they're going to spend the next two months adding polish.

Insomniac doesn't use CG, so you're comments are pretty much null and void. It looks identical to the screens they've been releasing (and much better than the E3 build).

NextGen24Gamer5845d ago (Edited 5845d ago )

former questionmark..You Said..." gears of war gameplay is crap according to many".

Thats why it won many awards at E3 and GDC? Show me ONE link to ONE person who says "Gears of War" gameplay is crap. Humor us buddy. ha ha ha ha....So jealous these ps3 fannyboys are.

Grown Folks Talk5845d ago

according to the sony diehards here. not industry. if you want links, just read through any forum on this website. i don't think gears gameplay is terrible, but i haven't played it. definately doesn't look any worse than resistance.

DISCIPLE1115845d ago

maybe it looks bad cuz its off screen or whatever but all i know is is that the person playing is not a gamer by any means at all he freakn suks

Juggalo5845d ago (Edited 5845d ago )

Thats was really bad....

Grown Folks Talk5845d ago

ghost recon 2: summit strike environment. call of duty 2 character models. black weapon detail. could somebody please tell me what is so earth shattering about the gameplay in this game. isn't it the NEW thing in shooters? gears of war gameplay is crap according to many, but this is no different than anything else i've seen. might as well be pariah or project snowblind.

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