Yoshida: Sony has a culture of supporting new ideas

The Sony Worldwide Studios president discusses its PS3, mobile and Vita plans

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MariaHelFutura4111d ago

I've said it before, I'll say it again.

Sony is always trying new things w/ software, Nintendo is always trying new things w/ hardware. Some work, some don't. But you have to respect them both for trying to do so. They both done a tremendous ammount to try to evolve this industry, while taking big financial risks along the way. Give respect, where respect is due.

dalibor4111d ago

You have to respect all the gaming companies from the past as well don't forget. While I prefer Sony I have respect for other gaming companies from the past to now. And must I say I respect certain gaming companies from the past as well as now because awesome games have come forth and beyond. Basically everything matters ~

saladthieves4111d ago


Sony has the guts to step out of their comfort zone and explore new ideas, even if it means there are risks involved. People tend to stick with what works. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, innovation doesn't spur from concrete ideas of repetition. Something has to change. As gamers, we always strive for new things.

Heavy Rain, for example, was a step in a new uncharted/unexplored direction in any genre. The world was already flooded and clogged with generic shooters left and right; to me, Heavy Rain was fresh, different, innovative and very welcomed. I'm glad I got a chance to play it.

Another example of a company whose every PlayStation game I've enjoyed so far is ThatGameCompany. flOw, Flower and Journey all speak for themselves. They just show how rewarding welcoming new ideas into play can be a good thing. It provides new experiences and varieties that, once again, are welcomed to players.

kikizoo4111d ago

Sony is always trying new things w/software AND hardware (this gen : : bluray, eye toy, cell, move, etc etc)

best hardware for home console and vita..and best library, like last gens (not for vita now, but 4 months only)

DiRtY4111d ago



+ Never before seen concepts like PSABR


+ brand new genres like LBP KARTING...!

Fishy Fingers4111d ago

Something tells me your being rather selective with your examples. Clearly they don't reflect to companies complete line up. You'd be hard pressed to argue any other company takes risks with its software like Sony.

sikbeta4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )


Are you one of those hardcore nintendo fanboys who still think LBPK or Modnation are copies of Mario Kart? I'm asking because Crash Team Racing was released for the PSX years ago...

PSBR, I give you that, but most hardcore sony fanboys wanted a Smash clone with sony characters or without Nintendo characters


When it comes to HW: Dr Richard Marks be damned, demoing waggle-waggle prototype-wand-controller 10 years ago, Sony didn't give a s***, years later Wii sells 100m consoles thanks to the wii-mote, then... back in the PS2 days, PS Eyetoy was released, Sony didn't give a s*** and the add-on died without any games, years later and with better tech, Kinect is released and becomes the fastest selling add-on ever...

When it comes to SW: you damn right, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Demon Soul, Infamous, Dead Nation, Journey, The Last Of US, Beyond and I can keep going, no complaints there :D

miyamoto4111d ago

Nintendo and Sony have totally different approaches to game making.

Nintendo game's approval & quality was dictated by one man's instinct alone - Nintendo Chairman Hiroshi Yamauchi. To help spring creativity, he created three research and development groups and allowed them to compete against each other. This caused the designers to work harder to try to get their games approved.

Sony have a more democratic hands-free, creative/developer friendly approach on game quality. More emphasis autonomic team work.

Both have their pro's and cons.

FunAndGun4111d ago

you can have clones and still support new ideas.

where does it say every single thing is a new idea?

b_one4111d ago

not to mention hes examples are clones of clones... :D

user54670074111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Who hasn't done a Kart racing game

Oh and the PSABR game is basicaly Sony giving gamers what they asked for.

DialgaMarine4111d ago

Ever heard of a game called Halo, and a book called Starship Troopers? Since you want to talk about clones..

miyamoto4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )


Be a Nintendo Ambassador of Goodwill not a hater.
With trolling comments like this you are just making lots-o'-gamers hate Nintendo all the more & push them away.
You are doing Nintendo a great disservice.
Be positive not negative.

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remanutd554111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

and hopefully that trend continues next gen, i want to see a new IP from Media Molecule, i'm 99.99 % sure Naughty Dog will come up with a new IP next gen too, Guerrilla Games are rumored to be working in a new IP ( hopefully as ps4 launch title) , how about Sony Santa Monica, Sucker Punch and Evolution Studios?
Gravity Rush
Little Big Planet
Fat Princess
Heavenly Sword
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
are the new IPs i have enjoyed from them this generation being on ps3, psp or psvita, not bad at all but i want more, does Starhawk counts as new IP or is Warhawk sequel with a diferent name? and please gimme The Last Guardian release date already ( its my most anticipated title this entire generation)

TBM4111d ago

I've enjoyed every games on your list except for patapon, sorcery, fat princess and locoroco because i haven't played them yet.

really looking forward too the last of us and beyond two souls.

remanutd554111d ago

if you are a playstation plus subscriber you should try the one hour sorcery free trial, Fat Princess is an awesome game, i wish sony bring it to the vita.

halocursed4111d ago

Thank you, Sony, for making Heavy Rain a reality.

dalibor4111d ago

But where is 8 days? I want that game as well

KingofGambling4111d ago

still on hold and since it's a new ip I'm thinking on the PS4.