Nintendo Pinpoints Soccermoms with latest Ad in Family Circle

Nintendo has apparently abandonded hardcore gamers, or at least one Sarcastic gamer writer thinks so.

From the article: "I hope this opens eyes for gamers and Wii extremists. Nintendo doesn't care about you. Nintendo saw that you only bought 500,000 copies of the latest Metroid game, but picked up 4,000,000 units of Wii Play. They see that their core audience wants crap games that let you turn your brain off while you waggle your arms like a shrieking monkey. So, let me repeat that…"

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GamerSigma4662d ago

If you weren't a beliver that Nintendo abandoned us, here's visual evidence. Good article.

LanRanger4662d ago

"Nintendo abandoned us"

Can you blame them? How well has the average hardcore gamer supported Nintendo over the past 10 years? Hardcore games continue to sell poorly on Nintendo systems, so it only makes sense to concentrate their efforts on the casual market where Nintendo has had a great deal of success.

ChickeyCantor4662d ago

Never saw it like that XD
Bubb's up

Darkiewonder4662d ago

They just care more about the money and want to focus on the bigger picture. which is to get more people into video game. They succeed. But you'll still see more casual games than anything else. good or bad? You decide.

I'll be doing the same thing when I had the Gamecube, stick to Nintendo games and buy a select few third party to support them.

KeiZka4662d ago

All I have to say is... Cry more, original author. For some strange reason I still see advertisements for Nintendo products in gaming mags. Strange, isn't it? Since we aren't the "MAIN TARGET" anymore...

LGFreedom4662d ago

It seems that the article's point isn't to "cry foul" but to open eyes to the fact that this isn't the same Nintendo. This isn't Nintendo, the video game giant anymore, it's Nintendo the toy maker.

The more casual the gaming gets, the worse the games will get. If you're not who they're selling to, that means they're not making stuff FOR you anymore.

Now do you get it?

RecSpec4662d ago

Oh come on now. When has a gaming company cared about the consumer, it's always been about the money, it will always be about the money.

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