TGS : Gamers' Expectations of the Next-Gen Consoles

It's an important weekend for the PlayStation 3 and Wii as the Tokyo Game Show opens to the public.

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TheMART5855d ago

I bet for 360 also:

"tempered by a visit to the Xbox 360 stand on the show floor, where waiting times for new games, such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, stretched to almost three hours at times."

Content for the Japanese market is coming and I bet this will drive sales up this Christmas

dantesparda5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

oops, it posted it twice, oops

happygamer5855d ago

yep by christmas sales of the xbox 360 are going to increase.

super bill5855d ago

i bet sony payed those people to lye about the ps3.

dantesparda5855d ago

right, right, then should I also assume that you are being payed by MS to say this? this is ridiculous!