Blu-ray: "We needed to create momentum"

Sky News:

"The Blu-ray Disc Association has said that the reason customers who adopted Blu-ray when it was first released won't be rewarded for supporting the high-def format in the early stages was because it needed to "create momentum".

Frank Simonis of Philips and the European chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association, has stated that the reason the new standard came so long after the first players hit the market was due to timing as it battled the rival format HD DVD."

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eagle214660d ago

Members have discussed this issue, and many want multiple blu-ray disc players in their homes. The PS3 was helped by firmware, a huge relief for 06' adopters. Most would do it again.

bootsielon4660d ago

These players can still be updated with discs, and who wouldn't want to buy a PS3 anyway... and if you're an early adopter, chances are you have a PS3 and other players, that you will resell these players that lack online connectivity, and or that you will eventually have about 5 BD players, reserving the "obsolete" one simply for playing movies in HD, not for interactivity (like anyone cares for that anyway)

AceLuby4660d ago

There are 8 PS3 owners that a) won the format war for the consortium and b) don't have to worry about this. These people who bought a player that isn't a PS3 are in the minority and 'most' BD owners will have nothing to worry about.

RecSpec4660d ago

Any first-wave of any electronic device will eventually become obsolete. That is the risk anyone takes by jumping on a new product or format when it is released.

AceLuby4660d ago

First CD player I owned couldn't play burned CD's. Same w/ the first DVD player. Don't even get me started on MP3 and DivX functionality. It's just the way it is. A smart consumer would have researched this and found that the PS3 is the best road since it has automatic firmware updates.