TGS : Gamers React to the PlayStation 3

Initial reactions from consumers at the Tokyo Game Show to the PlayStation 3 are in...and they're mostly favorable.

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Captain Tuttle5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Gives an impression of a favorable but definitely lukewarm reaction. This was Sony's last chance to really generate excitement. The biggest news about the show wasn't games, it was a price drop. Probably not the kind of buzz Sony was looking for.

kingboy5844d ago

yea no doubt about that.They still plan in making october anouncements in october just before launch though.

TheMART5844d ago

And keep in mind, that 360 rocked this show more. See the surveys were the 360 is in favour now, in Japan they are waiting for Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey and I guess the Wii.

X06 is starting today so the 360 show continues, the rest of this week. I'll bet we will see more from Gears of War. Damn it's a nice Christmas for gamers

THE TRUTH5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

*"And keep in mind, that 360 rocked this show more"

Umm explain to me how? with two rpg's and a lower japan price?

Um FF13 using the white engine was by far the most graphiclly impressive at the show bar none!!! (btw these are INGAME SCREENSHOTS)

That doesn't include white knight story which was the surprise game of the show.

"See the surveys were the 360 is in favour now"
Who the hell cares about polls or surveys? It's obvious that that type of internet information has no real merit when it come to console sales, so just save that BS

*Damn it's a nice Christmas for gamers"

Best statment you have ever made on the PS3 side

sparco5844d ago

Since when did screenshots of 1 game decide what console has had the best interest at a games convention? And you cant say that polls and surveys mean nothing; cos they do mean something. Fact is is that they have shown the 360 has had more interest, and thats probably down to the great games coming out and the fact it is a lower price than the ps3. Each next gen console that has, or is going to be released, is brilliant in its own way. I own a 360, will be getting a Wii, and maybe when i see some more appealing games, i will buy a PS3. So why cant people stop bi*chin bout fu**in GAMES CONSOLES, and start enjoyin and accepting every one of them.

uxo225844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

Hey, I think the 360 and the PS3 are great consoles. Why do you guys tend to take sides with such anger and disrespect. What have Sony or Microsoft done personally for any of you to make you insult your fellow man over?

It's the game titles I care about. I already own a 360 and if the PS3 comes out with a game the I must have, guess what? I will have a PS3 sitting right next to my 360 my 50" plasma.

I'm not going to let HATE ruin my fun..


THE TRUTH5844d ago

I OWN A 360!!!!! I make my comments from what I know and have tried, so don't talk like you know my console experience. What I am saying is in reactions to THE MART's fanboy post where he says such statements as

"in Japan they are waiting for Blue Dragon and Lost Oddyssey"

but I don't see you repling to him do I. Stop the BS like you are for any company other than MS because if you were you would have replyed to The Mart before scrolling down to me.

You have to be one shallow and ignorant gamer to believe any survey or poll on the internet. What do they mean? Well if they are so true then 360's must be FLYING OFF THE SHELVES IN JAPAN RIGHT........ If that's the case then it should be easy for you to offer up the link that proves the survey is true.........

The Truth is........ survey and polls over the internet DO NOT IN NO FORM represtent what is happining or going to happen as far as hardware or games sales. If I am wrong than prove it...........

blackmagic5843d ago

you kinda put a double negative in there...

"survey and polls over the internet DO NOT IN NO FORM (do in every form) represent what is happening or going to happen as far as hardware or games sales."

Anyway, I disagree with the spirit of what you are trying to say. If that was the case then somebody better tell just about every major organization out there that uses polls and surveys extensively to stop including our own government.

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happygamer5844d ago

either ps3 or xbox 360 fanboys this is good news. where here to play games. the more market share microsoft has the more sony competes. these next few years are going to be interesting.

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