Sony, Sharp Giving Away Blu-ray Players To K.O. HD DVD

Boston (dbTechno) - It appears that companies such as Sony and Sharp see that it is about time to go for the knockout blow with the Blu-ray format and completely knock the HD DVD format out of existence, as Sony and Sharp have a new offer up which is giving away free Blu-ray players.

The new deal that Sony and Sharp are running has to do with sales of certain LCD TV models.

Sony is offering a $400 rebate on the purchase of an LCD TV / Blu-ray player package, which would give consumers the Sony BDP-S300 Blu-ray player for free since it is priced at $399.

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wageslave4666d ago

Couldnt that be illegal dumping?

bootsielon4665d ago

He didn't question pressing it. However, he doesn't really think that way. He knows that isn't dumping. However, he is a sore xbot loser that can't take the fact that Xbox 360 missed the Blu-ray train, or that HD-DVD got squashed.

LoydX-mas4665d ago

If Blu-ray is kickin' ass and takin' names, why "give away" these red-hot players?

Darkiewonder4665d ago

Way to get rid of unwanted stock. Let me go see what the TV is first. maybe it'll be a good quality one.

DADO4665d ago

The so called certain LCD TV are the most expensive they make. Those hings have a huge markup.

blacsheep4665d ago

sony uppercut .....................8,9 its over fight has been stopped,crowds going wild,hd-dvd got knocked the fack out

sak5004665d ago

yes those big screen 20" LCD tvs will be huge success once these bd players are bundled.

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The story is too old to be commented.