Destructoid: I am officially done with the Kinect

Hamza "CTZ" Aziz writes: I owe everyone an apology. This past March, I stated that "Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor validates owning a Kinect." As it turns out, I was so, so wrong. We went as far as having the Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor review pass through the hands of three different Destructoid editors in an attempt to get the game to work, until finally realizing that Heavy Armor is, in fact, simply broken.

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EVILDEAD3603290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I always find it amazing that bad games come out every day. Steel Batallion was obviously one of those for Destructoid. They gave the game a 30%.

But, it's amazing how when literally one game is bad that means KINECT itself is NOW as bad as that game.

How many standard controller games come out weekly for the 360 and PS3, but you never see these kinds of articles for other consoles even at the height of Wii hate. One bad game doesnt equal them all.

The bottomline bad games come out for Move (Destructoid gave the most anticipated PS3 Move game ever 'Sorcery' a '60'.) Did you see a I'm done with Move article.

We know the mountain of bad games that plagued Wii all those years.

Now you have Kinect which some games work great for and others don't. I've own all of them, but in terms of games that you can play with family and friends Kinect destroys the comp which literally was only Wii.

Every motion control device has it's strength and weaknesses, as for Kinect it's strengths are why 19 million have bought the device. One game won't change that..shame Steel didn't measure up to it's potential. As a fan of the series, I still will give it a try. My Kinect isn't any more special than other review sites but I laugh when they pretend a games controls dont work and your Kinect works perfectly fine.


Godmars2903290d ago

How is that you don't understand that Kinect hasn't really lived up to the advertised claims surrounding it?

Games for it are generally good at parties and can entertain kids, but with an "actual" game so far its only come up short. Other motion controls may be as lame but at least the Wiimote has managed a few success while the Move is an all-purpose light-gun and half decent additional control option.

19 Million bought Kinect because of a half billion a campaign. Now a lot of those people are realizing that.

Hufandpuf3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

[ridiculous number] bought Wii because of a half billion a campaign. Now a lot of those people [have realized] that.

^also true.

GribbleGrunger3290d ago

sheep will follow each other to get fleeced

supraking9513290d ago

18.5 million of those didnt buy Kinect, they bought a 360 console that came with a crap Kinect bundle.

Dark_king3290d ago


Actually a few million were given away by burger king.Some by Oprah though no idea how many.

Ult iMate3290d ago

At least Wii had some great and unique core-games in oppose to Kinect.

ApplEaglElephant3289d ago

HOw isnt it obvious that Kinect games are mostly crap.

look at kinect games library. lol

mewhy323289d ago

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a very poorly developed game. The developer implemented the Kinect motion control very poorly here.This is very unfortunate for the people,including myself, that were really looking forward to this game.Very, very poorly developed piece of software indeed. This developer has no idea how to implement Kinect motion and gesture controls effectively. This makes me realize the frustration that many of the gamers on this site express with "lazy" developers.

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ATi_Elite3290d ago

....Yeh right!

as soon as the Xbox 720 comes out and Kinect has it's own dedicated CPU you guys will be right back calling Kinect the greatest thing since "sliced Cheese".

Microsoft will hype up a better working Kinect 2, sell another 20 million units, rake in a mega ton of cash, and once they have you guys Hook, line, and sinker they will leave it up to 3rd parties to support Kinect 2.

Then Destructoid will be writing another "We thought Kinect 2 was good but now it's trash article".

The minute they removed kinect's Dedicated CPu i knew Kinect would be CRAP! Hopefully Kinect 2 with a dedicated Cpu (or a CPu fast enough to game and do Kinect functions simultaneously) will be more capable and provide us with better entertainment.

BitbyDeath3290d ago

I agree, Kinect should be quite impressive next gen. Am looking forward to seeing what it can do.

asmith23063289d ago

Yeah but it wont be a gaming experience that you can really get into. Trying to use a full body motion controller for anything other than on rails is just not feasible. Gaming these days is about moving around 3d worlds and with Kinect you can't do that.

kneon3289d ago

Certainly Kinect 2 will be an improvement but no matter what they do it will still occasionally make mistakes, there is just no way around it.

The voice recognition is always making its best guess at what you've said, most of the times it's right but sometimes it won't be.

It the same situation with the motion control, it analyzes the image and tries to guess where you are, sometimes it will guess wrong.

These are limitations inherent in this approach to motion gaming that can never be completely overcome. It can be improved but never completely eliminated.

Bathyj3290d ago

Its not like people were waiting for one bad Kinect game to put it down, but this was supposed to be an example of a real core title working with Kinect, and apparently it doesnt.

And other consoles dont get any hate articles?
Are we reading the same internet?

And you've owned EVERY Kinect game?
Sorry but I cant give your opinion any weight at all after finding that out.
If you're owned EVERY Kinect game, my armpit has better taste than you.

Tachyon_Nova3290d ago

I think his point was, right or wrong, that when a bad PS3 game is released you don't see people slamming the entire machine. He is saying (again rightly or wrongly) that this article is basing its hate for Kinect on this one game and ignoring the rest of the Kinect games.

Dark_king3290d ago

@Tachyon_Nova but they did bash the ps3 up until it proved itself.

kinect has yet to prove itself as anything more then a casual gaming device.Until it does every so called core game will be considered as prof of it fail.

Bathyj3289d ago

Yeah sorry but PS3 still gets hate every day and Sony are the only ones still dancing with who brung em.

People are even hating on The Last of Us, clinging to this stupid "scripted" tag like its their last poker chip. Theything they've found a chink in the armour they can exploit and theyre playing it for all its worth.

If thats not proof unwarranted hate isnt still prevalent than I dont know what is.

TekoIie3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

"And other consoles dont get any hate articles?
Are we reading the same internet?"

Oh right yeh, the Wii gets a few too.........

"People are even hating on The Last of Us, clinging to this stupid "scripted" tag like its their last poker chip. Theything they've found a chink in the armour they can exploit and theyre playing it for all its worth".

The reasoning behind that is because ND SAID it wasn't and then played the same demo on JF show in the exact same way as the E3 demo and every enemy went to the exact same place. Character even spoke the same lines as in the demo. Basically they didnt help their own claim...

But overall hate against the PS3 (or Move) is pretty much non existent in articles on this site.

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3290d ago
2v13289d ago

dude kinect work whit dance games go shake

asmith23063289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Evil, your the biggest 360 fanboy I have seen on this site, you will defend it down to the last no matter what. Your in denial, Kinect is garbage when it comes to 'gamer' games.

"The bottomline bad games come out for Move (Destructoid gave the most anticipated PS3 Move game ever 'Sorcery' a '60'.) Did you see a I'm done with Move article." Yes that's true but you don't see Sony marketing it left, right and centre and making it the centre piece of the PS3. That's the difference, there is more at stake for Xbox with Kinect than there is for the PS3 with the Move. Microsoft have placed their cards first on the Kinect(casual), second on Services & Apps('entertainment hub') and last but not least... proper GAMES!!

Its a shame really and how you defend that (as a gamer in general) is beyond me. Maybe its just that your gaming standards are low.

TBM3289d ago

i was one of the few who didnt bother to waste hard earned money on this piece of crap camera. my 360 was the better for it until i traded it in this past sunday for not being used since gears 3.

im glad im not easily taken in by marketing like most of the people here defending this garbage.

Anon19743289d ago

mewhy32 said "This developer has no idea how to implement Kinect motion and gesture controls effectively."

Here's the thing though, most developers are limited by the tools provided. I headed up a Kinect project for 4 months using Kinect as an input for a training sim. It was unbelievably frustrating. Using Microsoft's development kit, Kinect was constantly losing the subject, confused by the same movement with different players, seemed confused by any clothing other than tight t-shirts and the biggest problem of all, like this article mentioned, it just didn't recognize movements with any real level of consistency. You were consistently having to do the same motion over and over until Kinect recognized what you were doing.

Now, that had nothing to do with the application we were building and everything to do with the Microsoft kit running Kinect. Kinect is only an input device. At the risk of simplifying a bit much, as far as input goes, "Did I raise my hand?" is no different than "Did I click a mouse button?". It's either true or false. If your mouse drivers aren't working, you can click the button all day. With Kinect, the Kinect device and software provided by Microsoft just doesn't recognize movement with anything resembling consistency.

So unless the developer is able to rewrite Microsoft's drivers, or is able to mask the errors somehow by approximating what it things the user is doing regardless of what the user is actually doing (which is what we see in most Kinect games) - don't blame the developers for letting you down.

If you bought a mouse that only recognized a click once every 4-5 times and you couldn't play Diablo, would you blame Blizzard because they didn't fake mouse clicks to approximate what they think you're doing, or would you blame the company that botched your input device?

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dedicatedtogamers3290d ago

Most sane people were "officially done" with the Kinect at the first E3 showing. A few more people found sanity and were "officially done" with Kinect at the second E3 showing of Kinect just prior to launch. The only people who actually thought Kinect could amount to anything were overly-loyal fansites like Destructoid, Kotaku, etc.

We were all "officially done" with Kinect a long time ago. I'm glad journalists are finally playing catch-up *looks at calendar*. We all knew this three years ago.

360GamerFG3290d ago

First hybrid Kinect game tanks, yeah i'm also done with Kinect. No sarcasm.

swansong3290d ago

After reading that article, now I know that a grown man can pout and throw a little fit. Seriously, Microsoft never forced me to buy a kinect.

GribbleGrunger3290d ago

'After yesterday's review, however, I've come to the realization that the Kinect is a glorified beta test that we've all been suckered into buying.'

Dear God, it took him that long to realise? I've been saying this since we found out that Milo was just a demo. people have been drawn in with the whole, 'so much potential' and bought the kinect based on the fact that MS kept on saying 'the games are coming'.

well Kinect has been a big success and thanks to that success, it's Microsoft's main focus. well done people.

Godmars2903290d ago

Sadly, much of this console generation has been a "demo" with developers and publishers testing ideas while selling half finished products at full price. HD graphics costs us much in terms of content, which was sold back to us as DLC.

@Hufandpuf: People didn't realize their mistake when they bought the Wii, the soccer moms who did got tired of it and put it in their closets well before then.

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