Rumors: Microsoft Dropping 360 Premium To $299 For GTA IV Launch?

Some unnamed person has tipped that Microsoft will be dropping the price of the Premium 360 another $49 on the same day that GTA IV gets released.

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venum4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

So it isn't for tomorrow!
Microsoft on that point is not doing as well as sony.

Rikitatsu4665d ago

and a smart move also , i say the PS3 will get a price drop too

sonarus4665d ago

this is jst speculation...what everyone is expecting...msoft needs another price drop to stimulate more sales and sony needs more games and then another price drop for mgs4

Lifendz4665d ago

saw it coming a mile away. GTA 4 is such a mega hit in the US and it's probably the game that will bring the PS2 owners into the next-gen. When these people walk into a retailer to get GTA IV, they're going to have to choose which console they want to play it on. Are they going to make the wise choice or just go with what's cheaper?

I guess we'll find out come GTA's launch.

mikeslemonade4665d ago

They could have made a deal with Rockstar to drop the price of the 360 in conjunction with the release of GTA4 whether it's spring 08 or fall 08. This isn't much a leg up on the PS3 because Sony can also drop the price to $350 with free online since, so it's the same price as the 360 with xbl gold. After all the PS3 system-wise is already breaking even.

marinelife94665d ago

Smart move. But I'm sure the rumor didn't come from Microsoft. No console maker leaks or announces a price decrease months in advanced they will kill their sales.

Pain4665d ago

like 400 to make one now, so they break even on every PS3 now

So its a NO Brainer that Sony will have a Price drop so M$ is just trying to steel
the spot light with this rumor (i bet is true) on the upcoming pricedrop that Sony will anounce soon.

Monkey see monkey doo's

stunt2134665d ago

that be awesome and i hope they drop the elite too

Texas GMR4665d ago

church works indirectly with Microsoft in the Dallas area. I guess they have a store in the Microsoft building here that people with a MS connection such as himself can pick up the Elite for $279.00. So I think MS could easily give the rest of the public another price drop.

lawman11084665d ago

The week BEFORE GTAIV comes out the price drop is going to happen and it will be for almost $100 bucks NOT $50

SCThor4665d ago

that only last 3 months and then you have to exchange ridiculous!! First take care of RROD and then start thinking about dropping prices.

Definition, take care of RROD: means built another SKU that WONT go RROD after another 3 months.

What people dont realize is that they are buying a 3 years console, the time that the guarantee last.

IntelligentAj4665d ago

If this is true then i'll buy a 360. I was going to get the Arcade but if the premium goes down to that price it won't make any sense.

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toughNAME4665d ago

"Ha! So much for Microsoft's Perfect Storm"

VirusE4664d ago

Yeah we can file "the perfect storm" in the video game history books right next to "4d 120 fps at 1080p".

InMyOpinion4665d ago

Make a 360 GTA IV bundle.

Sez 4665d ago

i hope they drop the price on all sku. not just the premium version.
the price drop will get more people to buy a 360 when GTA4 is released.

vloeistof4665d ago

hopes sony bundels mgs4 and lowerd price around that time or somthing

poos34665d ago

NOOOOOO microsoft DONT it will mean game over for the console wars on the internet and 2008 i wanted to have more fun on n4g ,when this happens the 360 sales will skyrocket to millions being sold each month

LJWooly4665d ago

What are you talking about? How will this end the console war? Please, tell me, I'm interested in hearing it.