The Truth About the Format War and HD-DVD's Demise

From Gizmodo: Most people have already declared Blu-ray to be the format war's victory-even us, begrudgingly-and our recent talks with Toshiba and Universal seem to suggest that the HD DVD camp might be ready to pull up stakes

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Whoooop4659d ago

HDDVD ain't dead!!!!! right bots???

captainjy4659d ago

Well, the 360 has been outselling the PSFree just about 2:1, but we somehow manage to keep you toaster boys around...

CeruleanSky4659d ago

Wow, yet another HD-DVD fanboy tantrum article! Just what everyone on a gaming site wants to read again and again and again...

mccomber4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

So much of that article makes a lot of sense actually. It was definitely a last minute move, and I still believe that HD-DVD may have thought right before CES that they were gaining another studio. Although all the payoff rumours remain to be unsubstantiated, I'm sure that was a factor as well to some extent; it's the lubricant that keeps those industry gears turning. I can't help but wonder if there was a 360 sitting back stage, HD-DVD player firmly implanted, that never saw the spotlight after the announcements were made before the show.

I just hope that we see this thing officially called sooner rather than later, as this current state is still one of confusion and denial that is keeping consumers from feeling truly comfortable with the "end" of the format war.

CeruleanSky4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

"It was definitely a last minute move"

Warner came right out and publically stated back in late 2007 that they felt two formats was hindering the move to next and they wanted to move to a single format.

They then stated that they would look at holiday sales and make a decision as to which format to support. BluRay continued to dominate sales right through the holidays ending 2007 with a 52-0 record for sales with a commanding ratio of somewhere between 2 and 3 to 1.

In addition BluRay has been utterly decimating HD-DVD outside of the US which Warner later stated played a key role in their decision to exclusively support BluRay.

The holidays ended and Warner made the obvious decision that everyone but HD-DVD fans could see was coming.

Everything else is just HD-DVD fan sour grapes and damage control.

As to the Fox BS, we now know from the same insider that hinted at or outright gave details of every major event in the HD format war over the past six months that yes Toshiba approached Fox with an offer of some tens to hundreds of millions to get them to switch. Fox said no. End of story.

You don't have to pay people to join the winning side. You only have to do that out of desperation like Toshiba/Microsoft did with Paramount/Dreamworks.

mccomber4659d ago (Edited 4659d ago )

I was saying that their official move to BluRay, specifically the announcement, was a last minute move. If it hadn't been would we have seen the reaction from the HDDVD camp that we did at CES?
I'm not saying that it hadn't been brewing; but I'm certain that it blindsided a lot of people.

blusoops4659d ago

Where is Batman Begins and the Matrix Trilogy on blu-ray?! That's what I'm waiting for....I'd even take Ace Ventura on Blu if it was made! C'mon WB!

ITR4659d ago

I'm sorry but movie releases are not tech news. If you want movie releases check amazon and hi def digest.

LJWooly4659d ago

You can't catch a break, can you?

Don't worry, i'm sure these guys still love you...

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