flOw First Impressions

Apparently devised by the winner of last year's GDC indie games competition, flOw offers no explanation to the player - not that the non-English speaking Sony rep manning the lone demo pod could either - but luckily that doesn't matter in the slightest thanks to its delightfully intuitive design. In simple terms, it plays a bit like Snake. You control what appears to be a cell-based life form, swimming around the inky blue looking for things to eat. As you come across strange-looking single-cell organisms, you line up your pincer like jaws and attempt to grow your form. As you weave your way around, the more you consume, the longer and more complex your segments become, and so it goes on

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ChickeyCantor5844d ago (Edited 5844d ago )

oooooo nooooooooooooo when i come home from work i cant play this game cozz im too tired too play itttttt

btw somewhere on the net you can download this game...i just cant remember where

kmis875844d ago
Heres a link to the game online. It's pretty interesting and can get addictive if you're bored.

Siesser5844d ago

Definitely agree with it being addictive. I still haven't beaten the second "form" yet :-( It's are really fun game, that you can kind of just . . . zen out to, I guess.