News4Gamers Radio 01/21/2008

The crew return with a hefty episode this week with special guest Brian Peterson from as they discuss the latest NP sales numbers as well as break down their top ten games of all time.

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hendyman4661d ago

I just want to say that, I follow every podcast and I think your podcast is the very best off all. Is so relaxing to hear zou guys.

Best regards PC/PS3fanboy from Slovak Republic

UnblessedSoul4661d ago

I actually listened to this podcast for once was pretty good, funny how you say there's only 5 people listening

titntin4661d ago

4 minutes of purile back slapping and talking about Britney Spears before they even start talking about games.

This whole podcast sounds like the worst kind of whooping dudes you could ever want to overhear a conversation from...maybe this stuff goes down as being cool in the U.S., maybe not, but its definately naff here. I've hit 8 minutes and theres no useful insight or comment yet. Click. Its off - I'm not gonna listen to that purile nonsense again.

malingenie4661d ago

There's one dude in there who's voice and pronunciation became the sole reason for me to never hear this podcast again. He sounds like he's trying to be smart, so he slows down his words and just makes him sound a tad psychotic.

Constructive criticism.

mikeslemonade4661d ago

I like intro music and i'm not a huge rock person. The outro music is awesome too. It's nice to turn up the volume in the beginning and turn it back down once the discussion starts. And it's also nice to listen to a podcast all the way through just to listen the outro music.

eddierivera4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

You guys are the most down to earth guys on the net. I listen to several other podcast to hear about up to date news, and you guys seem to have everthing covered. You guys filled in the jeff gerstman void in my life.

Who cares what these dorks up in here say, Im glad you guys are here. Im 26 years old and Ive pretty much been here to witness video games evolve in front of my eyes. And I totally agree with your guys' top 10 list. For me it would be Dragon warrior 4, and skies of arcadia tied for my no. 1 , I liked shenmue, but my top picks give me a better sense of adventure.

I think games now these days lack the substance. I miss the feeling of feeling like you were in the game. Now its all just about graphics, though I am enjoying Call of duty 4 alot now. I really dont care much about the final fantasy series after X, but ill probably try it out.

Hope you guys stay around though,, cause gamespot sucks now, and everyone else's pod cast are just lame now,, and you guys are the only place where I can get an unbiased oppinion about video games.

By the way how the heck can I send you guys messages? I wanna ask you guys some question,, hit me up if you read this and give me a link to get in touch with you guys,, ,, my email is [email protected] thanx

ZeroTolerance4661d ago

Hey man thanks for the input, if you want to interact with us hop over to the forums. We have an entire section dedicated to the show where users ask questions on a weekly basis and just chat with us.