Is Gaming Becoming Too Easy?

dkpatriarch writes:

My furious roar could be heard all the way to China. Well that's what my wife sourly said, and as I looked at my slightly frightened children (who usually associate such anger with something they've done wrong …) I realised that this game was turning me into a monster. I couldn't remember being this frustrated since the old days of gaming when missing a jump meant certain death (even if the camera angle was at fault), or miss-timing pressing a button meant going back an hour of the game to do it over again and again…..

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Capt CHAOS4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Just standing still can mean sudden death and a 5 min wait.

As can just walking, not thinking, not looking, not concentrating, rushing, not moving with your team etc. etc.

OK, it doesn't take you back an hour, but you can end up an hour ago, penniless and with nothing but a pea-shooter if you bodge up a couple of times in a row..

Counter_ACT4667d ago

Go and play Ninja Gaiden Sigma. D:

mikeslemonade4667d ago

Sigma wasn't that hard on normal. It was just as hard some other games I played. Gaming however is starting to become a chore other than online gaming. In single player games you move from checkpoint to checkpoint, then you have to collect special items, then you just have to figure out the pattern of bosses, then you have to pay attention to usually stupid storys in games that don't compare to movies, and then rinse and repeat.

Counter_ACT4667d ago

Maybe you didn't find it hard, but it certainly wasn't "too easy" by any means.

monkey6024667d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma says no!

BigBadPolo4667d ago

Easy? Hell even more recently go back and play CoD4 on Veterans. Trust me gaming is not getting easier, game makers are just making the "Normal" setting more friendly to the growing number of casual gamers. The hardcore gamers experience is as easy a cranking up the difficulty.

projectile4667d ago

I agree, way to many people and reviews complain about games beeing to easy, then why the hell not play it on a harder difficulty?!
Surely if you are an experienced reviewer who plays a lot of games you should not play a game on normal when there usually are two difficulties higher than that.
When you hear a game is short its often just played on a to easy difficulty. Making very long games now takes alot of time. Since developers have to make much more detail than they used to.
Just turn up the difficulty and feel you accomplish something and earn seeing the end or the later levels of a game.
Ninja gaiden black really game me a challenge worth the outcome.

Rooted_Dust4667d ago

Normal single player modes may be getting easier or maybe were just getting better, but multiplayer against real people is about as challenging as it gets.

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The story is too old to be commented.