When Good Games Turn Bad

OXM US writes:

"Much to my surprise, I kinda fell in love with Need for Speed ProStreet. I'm always a sucker for a good racing game, but I'd grown bored with the series' street-racing cliché-ness. I almost didn't bother to try it, especially after crack OXM freelancer Cameron Lewis' review, but when I did anyway, ProStreet's near-future imagining of how street racing could turn into a quasi-pro sport fascinated me."

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Joey Gladstone4658d ago

a good game all around, but i actually thought Burnout Paradise is 1000 times better (Graphics, gameplay, etc..)......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

InMyOpinion4658d ago

I find it hard to compare those two games to each other.

Samer3054658d ago

I used to love need for speed but after need for speed underground came out, I started hating it. The best one is easily need for speed porsche unleashed. That game was actually fun and you can learn something from it.

Lord Cheese4658d ago

borrowed prostreet from a friend and...well....its pretty cack to be honest. the drag comps suck, the racing is ridiculously easy, and the drift challenges are stupid.

Give me gran turismo or project gotham any day.

titntin4658d ago

I thought this game sucked - and I rather liked the previous titles depite their medicroty.
Wasn't aware of the despicable 'pay to play' rubbish that more and more developers are trying to get away with.
The save corrupt bug is the cherry on top of the turd.

SilPho4658d ago

The best Need For Speed games in my opinion were High Stakes and Most Wanted. (High Stakes was called Road Challenge in some areas).

I tried the Pro Street Demo and instantly knew I would not be picking this game up. It's a shame really because I loved Most Wanted. (Carbon didn't do anything for me either).

But yeah, can't wait for Burnout: Paradise!

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