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Majin-vegeta3450d ago

Yes and hopefully it's not dumbed down cuz of that crappy dvd9 format from M$-__-.

Dante1123450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I wonder why you said that? It isn't stated which platforms it will be on in the article or in the magazine.

Wonder where they are gonna take it with Snake? Who is left for him to take down?

MariaHelFutura3450d ago

I'm just gonna take a guess and say it'll be on the 360 due to the MGS:Collection being on the 360. I will say this though...if anyone will not release it on a another system due it having to be comprimised to end up there's Hideo Kojima.

Dante1123450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

@ Maria

Idk, wouldn't they also have to port MGS4 over for MGS5 to make sense if it's in continuation with Snake? Who knows though.

Solid_Snake373450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

MGS5 Baby!

snake-OO3450d ago

mgs5 is being built on the new fox engine which has been confirmed as a multi platform engine.

SilentNegotiator3450d ago

"DVD9 will be here for quite some time because of the PC"
"Retail pc games cOme on DVD. If anything they'll mave multiple discs. Stop being a fanboy"

Are we talking about the same PC? Because very few PC games even USE DVDs anymore, and a lot of the ones that do don't have the data on the disc (just a redirect to steam or somewhere else).

It's pretty odd that anyone would suggest that a platform, where DVDs are nearly dead, is some sort of proof that DVDs have longevity from this point.

beerkeg3450d ago

SilentNegotiator, maybe you live somewhere that doesn't have pc games released on dvds, but I've got a copy of Max Payne 3 here, and guess what, it's on dvds.

I was in GAME the other day and they also had pc games that were on dvds. Maybe they're behind the times and haven't heard that pc games shouldn't be on dvds now, I don't know.

Maybe you should ring them up and give them some of your amazing knowledge, bring them up to speed. I'm sure they'd love to hear from someone who clearly knows what they're talking about.

StanSmith3450d ago

"mgs5 is being built on the new fox engine which has been confirmed as a multi platform engine."

And? Unreal Engine is a multiplatform engine but I'm not playing Gears of War on my PS3. The engine doesn't decide whether a game is exclusive or not.

MoveTheGlow3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

At this point, Kojima Productions and Konami certainly have a huge choice:

One, make it a killer app (probably not a launch title, though) for a new system, the centerpiece of why someone should buy a new console, slap a demo or video on the big screens at E3, make us rejoice uncontrollably during the livestream.

Two, release it on the current generation hardware, getting a huge market for their game and possibly expanding the fanbase to younger players in the process.

Here's the thing, though: I've never taken Kojima to be a risk-averse guy (understatement of the century). I'm guessing that, whether or not it's a one-console-exclusive property, a timed-exclusive property, or just multiplatform, it'll be on the next generation of hardware, not this one.

Peppino73450d ago



depends on how the series ends, snake still needs to a warriors death in an epic proportion that will destroy any type of mind living the person dead with a satisfying expression on their face

MoveTheGlow3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Lucky, if I had a guess, we're not going to see Old Snake. If Kojima wanted him to just die after 4, he'll probably go the way of 3 and do a prequel. I'm holding out for 1980's Tokyo, some sort of newer balance between an open, bustling city and a mission-driven story, but that's just me. Mechanically, that makes more sense - I'd love to play a MGS game where the main protagonist just hobbles around and tries to hide with bad joints or something, conceptually, but...

Well, hear me out. Kojima just wants MGS to die, he wants to move on, but the fans and Konami demand more, right? So he makes a game where Snake is brought back to life by an big, evil corporation that needs him to save the... huh, that's been done a few times, hasn't it? Never mind.

geddesmond3450d ago

Ah does it matter anyway, the game will take 5 years to release

_-EDMIX-_3450d ago

@SilentNegotiator-Could one say the same for CD-ROM.

"oh CD-ROM will be here for quite some time because of the PC" When PS2 came out, it wasn't long until PC started using DVDs.

When Next gen comes (next year or so) PC's will begin using BluRay.

Size of games INCREASE they do not decrease. Thus your 50gb Bluray MGS4, won't some how be a 20gb MGS5. Thats just a very stupid idea as to expect such a thing. MIND YOU this is just current gen where talking about. What about next gen? Do your really believe games will just be so epic in graphics and features but "oh its still using DVD9s"? LOL!

Lets see, at 100 or so gbs (thats actually a small increase, most increases in history of gaming have come at 3 to 4 times the last generations of games)


^something you might want to take a look at^

Few PC games use DVD? LMFAO! ALL RETAIL PC GAMES USE DVD! I own Skyrim and other PC games AS DISK GAMES! They install from disk (ie the data is ON THE DISK) and all you do on Steam is add it to your library to play it. Steam is not downloading the game for you.

That only lies on Valve games like TF2 because they patch the DVD version before an install.

Another thing to note, JUST this gen Max Payne 3 and a shit load of other gamese have been shipping with as much as 4 DVDS! Buddy, Bluray will be adapted to PC next gen, its starting to get a bit silly and costly for publishers to be shipping 4 DVDs. History shall continue and PC will adapt a Bluray as format.

DVD has only been staying alive all this long because of MS and the 360's use of DVD9

If you know how gaming works, you'll know that 3rd party developers (that make up MORE then half of all publisher in gaming in terms of size and games released)

Work on the bare minimum systems as there main sku. ie the 360. Thus DVD9 is there limit in terms of the size of ALL GAMES THIS GEN! On PS3 and PC give or take a few gigs extra, but the game can't be 2 or 3 times the size of what it was off the 360 version, just being that its pretty much a port of it anyway. Note MGS4 being 50gbs, Uncharted 2 being about 40gbs, and GT5 being about 50gbs too! Theres a reason why they are, and its because THAT IS the natural progression of gaming.

They are not just "data hogs" or just happen to "want" to fill a BluRay disk etc. They are developing without limits, thus they don't have to cut crap out of there games. Anyone will tell you, a lot of gaming is underdeveloping things and making sure they can work with the size given, thats not the case with BluRay and the PS3, its the case for everyone else. ie Killzone 2 having 2.5 and 3 gig levels. Im sure if Bungie had Bluray in the 360 when they did Halo 3, they would clearly do the same. Its not as if Guerrilla was doing some sort of magic, they had the tools and took FULL ADVANTAGE.

_-EDMIX-_3450d ago


I tell you all this because this all just happened this generation on 1 single system, the PS3. Now i ask you this....what happens now that the Wii U's format is 25gbs (they can probably duel layer to about 50 or 75 maybe depending on the tech) clearly the PS4's will be bluray at about 100 or so gigs and that leaves MS by default to have at least 25gbs for there next format. They want to be the media kings next gen? Well they will opt for the cheaper and already stacked Bluray for there 720.

They can sure make there own format....and what? Have it play NO HD films? Not happening.

Now i stated something before about this "natural progression" in gaming. If the PS3's developers are all making games with 20, 30, 40 etc gigs, what happens with ALL 3RD PARTIES can now take advatage of this?

At this point, its inevitable that gaming on PC will get Bluray as its main format. 360's DVD9 and how 3rd parties operate are what have been even keeping DVDs around this long to begin with. Next gen, i doubt many Steam users WOULD JUST LOVE to download a 50 to 70 to 100 gig game. LOL! I do my fare share of downloading off Steam, but there is no way in hell i'm downloading no 70 or 80gig game. Just getting the retail version and calling it a day. Its wait hours VS just go to the store and play it that very moment. Bluray will be put in PC's as its main format next gen. Period.

Let me guess....10 to 15 DVD disk used for Next gen PC games? LMFAO! Take a history lesson on gaming media formats buddy, you'll be really surprised.

Darrius Cole3450d ago

Day one, pre-order, midnight release, I will be there.

That is all.

ThanatosDMC3450d ago

I hope it's Big Boss and i hope they add the Peace Walker CQC taking down 5-7 guys would be so cool.

SnotyTheRocket3450d ago

Yeah, GUARANTEE this game wont be on PS3 or the 360.... Next Gen people. MGS4 took 4 years.

_-EDMIX-_3450d ago


LOL! Kojima has already said that the Fox Engine is not a next gen engine. (though i feel hes trolling and it very much can be turned into one)

Also most MGS come out with about 2 a generation. (minus MGS1 for PS1, based on it coming out near the end of the PS1's life in 1998, not time for a MGS2 PS1...thank god!)

Even the PSP saw 2 MGS's release. I see MGS5 being released on PS3, 360 (lets hope it doesn't gimp or nerf the game now based on space, GTAIV anyone?) and PC.

MGS5 will most likely be out on current gen systems.

Zuperman3450d ago

MGS4 - Greatest Game Of This Gen.

SilentNegotiator3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )


Maybe they don't have qualifiers where you live, but I didn't suggest there were >NO< PC DVD games. But they're becoming EXTREMELY limited and a lot of the "retail" ones just direct you to Steam. Digital has already won out on the PC, to the point that very very few games even release on DVD (except for very popular titles, like Skyrim, Diablo, WoW, etc).


I don't know WHAT you're talking about. I'm talking about retail PC games being nearly gone because digital has become so big. Whatever the size, they're STILL going to make you install the game in full. The "format" will be the ever-growing HDDs.

nukeitall3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )


If there are games unaffected by disc size, it is linear games like MGS! Also, did you know that most of the space for MGS4 was taken by videos.

However, keep perpetuating the myth that Blu-Ray is needed for anything, but video. Video is a relic of the past when in-engine cut scenes didn't muster. These days you don't need it anymore, so get over it.

If there is going to be an issue, it is the limited video ram on the PS3. The sort of thing that made Rage run like crap on the PS3 with massive texture pop-ins.

Anyhow, I doubt MGS5 will be released this generation anyhow, so it is a moot point and it's almost with 99.9% certainty that it will be multi-platform. The MGS:Collection is on just about every platform you can think of. Konami sure didn't leave any money on the table! XD


Why would you need 80GB discs for games? Name a single console game that has required more than 15-20GB by itself without video? In fact, the vast majority is far far less.

In game assets just don't take very much space at all. In fact, you won't have enough memory to show all the textures anyhow, let alone the data bandwidth to load it.

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ApolloAdams3450d ago

M$? Why the money sign on the S?

Nothing wrong with DVD9 except the storage size and in that case you just put it in multiple disks.

DVD9 will be here for quite some time because of the PC.

lsujester3450d ago

That's fine on PC, but not on consoles. The 360 doesn't let you fully install and just boot off of disc one. You still have to swap out mid-game.

JellyJelly3450d ago

@lsujester - Many games that are on multiple discs on the 360 run and look better than their PS3 counterparts that are on single Blu-Ray discs.

TheGOODKyle3450d ago

@ApolloAdams Thanks I needed a good afternoon laugh.

Knushwood Butt3450d ago

'Nothing wrong with DVD9 except the storage size'

Er, yeah, and storage size is a big problem...

IHateYouFanboys3450d ago

"The 360 doesn't let you fully install and just boot off of disc one. You still have to swap out mid-game."

someone hasnt played Forza 3 or 4. that someone is you btw.

You install the second disc of Forza 3/4 and then only ever need the first disc from then on out.

its just up to the developers to do it that way. the small handful of developers that have even needed to use more than 1 DVD just havent done it this way apart from Turn 10, who are a first party studio so they know what theyre doing.

badz1493450d ago

"Nothing wrong with DVD9 except the storage size..."


THAT's the single biggest issue here! and whoever compares DVD on 360 to those on PCs, you guys clearly don't know what you're talking about! 360 games are streamed directly from DVD but PC games are not! PC games have to be installed on HDD and streamed from there. the DVD will only be needed present in the DVD drive as a proof that you have the original copy but install a crack and the DVD will be as good as gone!

Raka3450d ago

everything is wrong about crappy old piece of trash ruined and delayed lots games this gen.

blu ray --->dvd9-hdvd

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zeddy3450d ago

mgs4 was 30.1gb on one bluray. so even today to play this on xbox you'd need 3-4 disc's. however i doubt this game will be out tomorrow and expect it to come out on next gen consoles where microsoft will probably sort it out.

shoddy3450d ago

Agree ps4 launch title.
This gen games take 2-3 years to complete.
Next gen should take longer unless it call of duty.

Bob Dole3450d ago

Bob Dole thinks it would be two or three discs on 360. The reason the size was so big on PS3 was the uncompressed audio in a bunch of different languages.

gatormatt803450d ago

I think you should demand a recount on that Bob Dole.

Raka3450d ago

and who said mgs4 OR 5 wil lbe on xbox?

stop dreaming buddy

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h311rais3r3450d ago

Retail pc games cOme on DVD. If anything they'll mave multiple discs. Stop being a fanboy

tarbis3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

PC games are not streamed from the DVD. They are all compressed thoroughly into the DVD then unpackaged into the PC by installing. Know the difference.

StrawberryDiesel4203450d ago

That's not something you have to worry about as it will be a PS3 exclusive and even more EPIC than MGS4 if that's even possible.

Lior3450d ago

The real metal solid games are on ps3 only usually I'm sure they will announce it for PS4 in E3 2013

Bobby Kotex3450d ago

The 360 version will come on 8 DVDs. What's the problem?

Patriots_Pride3450d ago

So your saying that this game will release in 2013? Becuse I think the XBox 720 and PS4 should be released around 2014.

AKA3450d ago

This game is been made for "nextgen"
because its using the new "fox engine" wich will be used in Pro Evolution Soccer for next gen.
its obvious its a next gen tittle...

even kojima said that this gen is not powerful enough for is goals, so i bet he move to nextgen long time ago..

greenpowerz3450d ago

Yeah the cut scene movies are what makes MGS. I'm sure it would be on multiple discs on 360. Hope he adds more modern gameplay and not simply add too much movies as filler with dumb down gameplay mechanics because of Sony's crappy memory architecture.

orange-skittle3450d ago

Of course it will be multi-platform. A lot of companies are getting away from exclusivity unless they get compensation up front. MGS4 sold only 5.64M globally and Konami knows they can double those numbers by releasing on both consoles

jukins3450d ago

Only? Given its release date and the market share if the os3 at the time I'd say that's damn good. May sound weird but its more of a risk IMO to multi plat mgs5 because there's a big chance the Xbox and possibly wii u crowd wouldn't bite where as with the os3 you can be assured success with japan alone lol slight exaggeration

CryWolf3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

OMG just reboot the series Kojima cause we don't want to play with old snake anymore, we need young snake back like in MGS/MGS 2 on the PS4.

GraveLord3450d ago

1. This game will be multi-platform, as will all of Kojima games will be from now on.
2. It's most likely for next-gen consoles so no need to worry. I'm sure Xbox 720 will finally catch up to the PS3 :/

WeskerChildReborned3450d ago

It's probably not even coming on 360 so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

greenpowerz3450d ago

Not on PS3 either. Next gen consoles is a smarter bet. We have already see the shift to out MG games on Xbox.

WeskerChildReborned3450d ago

Idk, it could be multiplatform or it couldn't but i think Sony would be stronger if they can keep it exclusively but like i said, it could be a Multiplatform game for next gen or current gen but i doubt current gen cause we might not see the game for another few years but i'm just glad it's confirmed so i can sleep at night peacefully.

Oh_Yeah3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

probably going to be 5 discs on the 360 lol due to the fact they enjoy using 24 hours worth of cut scenes. if theres no cut scenes and they actually use the in game engine there will be 1 disc most likely. geeze i hate games with overused cut scenes! if your going to make majority of the game a cut scene why not instead just make a movie?

dirthurts3450d ago

Why do people think DVD9 has anything to do with the quality of the game?
What an idiotic thought.
That's like saying the game will suck if it's installed on a Hard Disk and not a Solid State drive. It's a freaking storage medium. It has nothing to do with game design, or processing power. If a developer can't work with a DVD (the world standard by the way), then they shouldn't design games.

C0MPUT3R3450d ago

yeah Kojima should just release it on CD-Rom to show everybody space doesn't matter. durp durp.
Kojima Games are like movies. If its in HD you're going to need at least 25GB of space. Probably more.

dirthurts3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

When it comes to rendering a Video Game, the fact that it's HD has NOO EFECT on disk usage. Look up rasterization. Creating a HD visual on a video game simply requires the video card to render more pixels per cycle. It's all math. The same math is done, simply more times creating more vertical/horizontal lines (HIGHER RESOLUTION).
A video will take up more memory only because it's a series of high resolution photos played in succession. Lager photos take up more space.
Don't talk if you don't even know how rasturization works.
There is a reason you have one bubble, nothing you say makes any sense.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233450d ago

why just linked as PS3? kojima said the new fox engine will be used on all platforms.

you calling him a liar?

solar3450d ago

dont blame M$ for Sony not delivering on their promises. the PS3 is a flawed system, just as the 360. no where near enough RAM to produce 1080p/60fps like it was supposed to, or 4D.

back on topic, i loved MGS4. but i think the ending sucked ass. Snake shouldve died. i was in tears when Otacon had to explain to Sunny Snake wasnt coming back. very emotional.

then, surprise!! Snake didnt do it. i think the ending wouldve been more powerful if we saw Snake finally take the fate all his enemies did by his hands.

andibandit3450d ago


"Yes and hopefully it's not dumbed down cuz of that crappy dvd9 format from M$-__-. "

Yeah because those hours upon hours of irrelevant cutscenes really made MGS4 better, clap clap.

showtimefolks3450d ago

day one collectors edition for sure

kojima you asshole don't ever talk about killing snake man let the man live please

PS: from biggest MGS fan and who the heck thought we wouldn't get MGS5?

kikizoo3450d ago

Not only dvd, but cpu..

ConstipatedGorilla3449d ago

Lets hope is a PS4 exclusive. If not, it will only be held back by Wii U and 720's weak specs. And yes, we know they will be weak because they're packaging in those dumb peripherals.

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DaThreats3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Jesus has walked Earth again
"We have not yet finished with Solid Snake, despite the fact that I wanted to let him die at the end of Guns of the Patriots.”
We will see more of Solid Snake

MariaHelFutura3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Some sort of divine intervention will have to be involved to get this game on less that 6 discs on the 360. I'm not trolling, I'm dead serious.

Ducky3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

Won't be necessary. Kojima just needs to hire an editor to cut out the redundant or unnecessary dialogue/cutscenes.

Tommykrem3450d ago

No such thing, I'm afraid.

JoeSchmoh3450d ago

Yup, just like Luke skywalker, John Connor, even Neo.. Solid Snake is Jesus too! He's too raw and has to be taken out with that fox die virus. Revolver Ocelot/Solidus can be played off as the Devil/Satan of the whole shebang.

MariaHelFutura3450d ago

Between this and Okami. I'm gonna not be able to walk from breaking out all this bubbly.

Cloudberry3450d ago

I hope it would be officially revealed soon so we could see it ourselves.

For TGS 2012 I think...

ksense3450d ago

YES!! YES!!! even though it would have been an awesome and an emotional ending if snake had shot himself in mgs4. more snake will always be good

theDECAY3450d ago

I love MGS, but more Snake will not always be good. Let Snake die in peace.