Rez HD on Xbox Live this week?

Rez HD, one of the more anticipated Xbox Live Arcade games, is tipped to hit Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday. Time to top up those points.

The 800 point remake (that's about £6.50) features updated visuals and 5.1 surround sound (a bullet point that actually matters where Rez is concerned).

There's also a chunk of new options including the ability to use up to four controllers as "trance vibrators", which in case you don't remember the bizarre PS2 peripheral is basically a chance to get off as the pads vibrate with the music.

Meanwhile, for people who don't like loud music and shooting there's Chessmaster Live, Ubisoft's take on the old classic which comes with full vision camera support. So you can watch your mates scratching their heads and cheating by calling in granddad for backup.

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FrostyMelon4665d ago

The only release this week is undertow.

TrevorPhillips4665d ago

no ur wrong unetertow was already released weeks ago there gonna released untertow for free on the 27th this week is rez hd